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Rent It Here Interactive Touchscreen Display

With demand for over 20 units per week, these interactive acrylic display stands have integrated LED and Wi-Fi connection with a facility for use by both card swipe and touch screen. Impulse have been working with Choices DVD for approximately two years. Initially tasked with designing and building a Budget Interactive unit, this proved so successful that further investment was made in the Brand “Rent It Here”. A second generation unit is now what you see.

This has been developed over a six month period, in working with Edington Wilson, under brand guidance from the incumbent PR Agency.

A full PR Campaign is now in progress, Impulse are excited to be producing 20 units per week.

The unit comprises a metal structure, LED lighting down each side and across the top, producing a “Halo” Lighting effect by pushed through Opal acrylic.

Information is provided by a top Trailer Screen, and a lower touch screen with card swipe. The unit is connected to the internet via a PC inside the unit, enabling real-time, remote updates.


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