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21st Century Point Of Sale: At impulse, in recent days, we got involved in an amusing discussion about our favourite TV shows:

Several of us said how sad we were to see the end of the brilliant and funny Upstart Crow (and what a sad but historically correct ending to the series it was!).

We got to talking about how much influence William Shakespeare has really had on our lives and how many of his phrases and sayings we find ourselves using in our everyday life still to this day.

We ended up agreeing that the influence was strong, even within the Point Of Sale industry itself!- here are just a few recent examples that we thought we would share that our clients and suppliers might find informative or amusing!

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

This romantic, passionate and evocative phrase from Shakespeares’ Romeo & Juliet led directly to the naming of the attractive and functional Juliet balconies that have been features of apartments and houses for centuries- this is one that we designed and built just this year for one of our clients.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!

As Ben Elton and David Mitchell pointed out consistently and humourously in the TV series, this was actually a phrase that was first seen in work prior to Shakespeare (in fact it was used in a work first scripted in Greek in the3rd Century BC).

The phrase that Shakespeare actually used in Loves’ Labour Lost was.. Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye…. (close enough to the original ?!).

We continue to work on ideas and displays for the Beauty market and perhaps one of our most impressive and innovative ideas in recent times is this ‘ floating ‘ display developed for the Advanced Nutrition brand owned by IIAA.

To sleep, perchance to dream!

From Shakespeares’ Hamlet in perhaps his most often quoted speech that starts with To Be Or Not To Be… Perhaps if Hamlet had been able to take advantage of the La- Z Boy Recliner he would not have had such problems in sleeping!

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