3 Amazing FSDU Display Ideas You Can’t Ignore

Looking to capture the power of in-store retailing? Look no further than FSDU displays

They’re an immensely powerful tool when promoting goods to the masses, and in fact, we believe they’re the pinnacle of retail merchandising when planned and executed in a certain way. 

To help launch your next campaign, we have drilled down three amazing ideas you should definitely include within these displays for the best possible impact.

Push Your Brand

Brand awareness is vital to any business, so take advantage of how tons of people could be looking at your display every single day. Whether it’s the company logo or colour pallet used within branding, make this a key feature of the design. 

Gore-Tex shell display

Definitely place a logo at the very top, seeing how this would be eye level with most people, and if possible, include this on either side of the display, as shoppers may glance over when leaving aisles. The more professional your display, the more likely people are to trust your brand and therefore engage with what you’re offering.  

Be Dynamic 

You’re slightly restricted in how these are made, but within the display itself, try to break up sections a little differently to what people have seen before. It’s typical for FSDU displays to adopt a fairly rigid shelving layout, but place this to one side, and instead, lay out the design with different sized sections that form a pattern. 

With a quirkier design in play, you’ve taken a massive step towards standing out, which is of course what merchandising is all about. Just think about the impact you can make if people remember your brand as being one that dared to push what’s possible. What’s also astounding, is just how simple this can be to achieve, it’s just a case of finding your angle. 

Laura Whitmore FSDU

Use Bright, Bold & Striking Colours 

Be loud and proud, and do this by using colours that strike a chord with your audience. So long as you’ve established a strong brand, this should be easy, but if you feel extra exuberance is needed, don’t hold back and use this to counter what could be pretty sterile guidelines that don’t fit with the past paced nature of physical retail. 

When designing the FSDU, it’s also important to find the right balance, that being a display that stands out, but never being too busy with overly elaborate visuals. Pick a key tone, and use natural variants to maintain a consistent appearance, with imagery used to compliment this only when it’s absolutely necessary. After all, the concept of ‘little is more’ is certainly not going anywhere, anytime soon. 

Rayban display

Let us Deliver Compelling FSDU Displays For You

Creating a dynamic FSDU display that harnesses strong results will take time. But don’t worry, our specialist team can take this off your shoulders today. We have vast experience for crafting a wide range of these displays for a number of different industries, always with the sole aim of driving your business forward within the world of physical retail

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