Producing Excellence in Retail!

New range of metal displays for Akzo Nobel: We’re taking a breath after a busy start to the year.

We came back after Christmas to a refreshing feel in the industry, an urgency to implement a number of campaigns within short lead-times.
One such campaign was the development and production of a new range of metal displays for Akzo Nobel’s “Dulux” Paint range, “Travels in Colour”. The range is three groups of colours, five colours per group – where all the group colours work perfectly together. Click HERE for more information on the range.

The projects lead implementation agency was Cirka Creative, where a range of both Cardboard and Metal displays were created. Impulse worked intrinsically with Cirka to develop the metal units.

We produced and delivered 1030 x Permanent Displays over a 6 week period.

As the science of “Shopper” gets more complex, it makes the Retail Engagement process a much more interesting prospect.
We are not in the world of ” Here, just produce this, because it looks nice..” Marketeers are required to qualify every call to action created on a Point of Purchase Display – and route it back to ROI. So when we are consulted on the design of an in store activation, we are not only being tasked to fastrack a solution, but ensure compliance to brand requirements:

  • Does the unit engage?
  • Does the unit comply across different retailers and the infrastructure?
  • The unit must be sympathetic to transport constraints
  • Is the unit “future proofed” for potential branding / range changes?
  • Does the unit facilitate across channels – Digital / Social / other media?
  • Does the unit give consistency across other global activations?

These questions should be considered right through the whole process, not only in the early creative stages. Thats why you as a brand need to be consulting the type of Retail Display Business that offers this specialist knowledge as a mandatory level of service.
If you want to engage a business that will consult with you, and deliver on message – contact: 07725 134143