Producing Excellence in Retail!

At Impulse we are lucky enough to work on POS display projects with a range of brands from across different market sectors, and although we are not ones to boast about the great selection of clients that we work with, we are extremely proud of the clients that we have.

So, we have decided that from 2019 onwards we would like to share some of the work that we do, from freestanding units to window displays and counter display units, not just on our website or in our advertising programmes, but also in images here at the factory in Sandy.

It can be difficult to convince yourself that a showroom or gallery of work on site is a worthwhile investment, but as our business grows, it is our intention to find the time and space to show our work.

We believe that it is important for all of our staff, clients and suppliers to see what it is that we have done and to take pride in some of the great POS designs that we have created together, which are now being seen in stores across the UK and the rest of Europe.

Below are some images and photographs of recent projects that we have worked on and that can be seen in our reception area in Sandy.

As more and more projects are being won and worked on this year, we will add to our photograph and display collection, so that all of our clients, staff and suppliers can continue to see the results of their hard work, whilst visiting our Head Office.

Look out for more photographs and gallery shots of our POS displays in the coming months!

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