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Arch Motors: Impulse are extremely proud of their longstanding relationship with Arch Motors in Huntingdon, the company that builds the Chassis for these great racing cars.

Caterham 7, Lotus 7, Ariel Nomad and Ariel Atom are brand names that have been synonymous with the world of famous racing car names for over 60 years, see the video in this link from Cambridge News.

With manufacturing and designs skills developed in the merchandising and display industry, Impulse is often approached to consider our interest in the manufacture of various component elements across a wide range of products that are not always directly linked to the POS or POP world.

Working with Arch Motors is a perfect example of why we enjoy taking on projects with a difference and were immediately attracted to the fascinating world of Racing Car design and manufacturing.

Ensuring in-store display safety and strength of all of our freestanding, shelf and counter displays is developed as an integral part of the manufacturing and design process and the same applies when we are producing (under the guidance from Arch Motors) the various component elements that are required for the Caterham and Ariel Chassis.

A quick look at the various component parts and you will see a picture of what it is that we make here at Impulse for Arch Motors in the creation of some of the most established and significant iconic car brand names.

For Impulse, it is just as critical that we produce with the same level of integrity and attention, the wishbone, seat belt, radius arm and steering column brackets for the Ariel Atom or the rear beam support and centre console brackets for the Caterham as it is for when  we are designing and making the counter and freestanding displays for our clients that will be sited in major DIY or department stores across Europe.

Impulse and Arch Motors – working together to build some great Racing Cars!


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