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There have been talks and headlines into certain companies using plastic free materials for their packaging by 2021… So we want to share a few of the popular brands who are making a difference to their packaging material.

So let’s take a look at the companies who are doing their bit towards a plastic free world…


“Coca-Cola to replace plastic shrink wrap with paper packaging across Europe”

Coca-Cola and its European bottling partners will remove shrink wrap from its can multipacks, to be replaced with a €15m (£12.8m) investment into a paper-based packaging solution by the end of 2021.


During 2020, Starbucks plans to eliminate all plastic straws from their stores.

So how will this affect customers with a hankering for iced coffees or teas in their iconic plastic cups?

Starbucks will use a recyclable plastic for their cold drinks with a strawless plastic lid and for frothier drinks like Frappuccino’s (which are straw-dependent). Starbucks will offer straws (made via materials like paper and compostable plastic)—but only by request. This will then, eliminate more than one billion plastic straws each year.



 “McDonald’s are Testing Plastic-Free Concept Stores”

They are the latest company to opt out of some single-use plastic products which can take hundreds of years to decompose if not recycled. Wooden spoons and cardboard food packaging replace less eco-friendly options across many McDonald’s locations.

Across Europe, McDonald’s are in the process of switching to new McFlurry packaging which eliminates the need for a separate plastic lid, which will save more than 1,200 metric tons of plastic per year.

Popular beer brands like the below, are also in the making of plastic free packaging:


In January last year, Lush opened its first UK-based “naked” (packaging-free) store in Manchester, following the successful launch of similar stores in Milan and Berlin in 2018. The beauty brand’s total range is 35% packaging-free, plastic pots can be brought to recycle in-store and for deliveries, and bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Here at Impulse, we have worked on displays for clients eliminating plastic and providing sustainability as an essential solution.

Potters Crouch –

Below is a design in wood which Potters Crouch came to us with to produce. We were able to cost engineer the design by manufacturing it out of metal, which in turn is a more durable material.

  1. We were able to keep the same appearance,
  2. The display now has a longer life,
  3. The cost to the customer was much less than producing the display in wood and
  4. We were able to save the trees at the same time! Win win!

I’m sure you’ll agree the metal version is a premium looking display.


See below the previous display in wood

Now see, Impulse’s design in metal (below)

IAA (International Institute of Anti-Ageing) –

IIAA came to us with a certainty that they didn’t want to use any type of plastic for their products or displays. Their packaging is made from recycled cardboard, printed with eco-friendly vegetable inks. So we came up with an idea which not only answered their substrate brief, but took it to another level and produced an individual eye catching display where the product was able to hover in the air due to a levitation device.

We designed a family of units for IIAA which were non plastic.

See how Impulse can make your displays free of plastic!

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