Are You Aware of HFSS Legislation?

Brand new legislation is set to come into effect this April, which will massively impact retail, and specially secondary locations found in stores. Are you aware of these upcoming changes? If you work in retail, you need to be!

What is HFSS Legislation?

So this brand new legislation is based around HFSS products. These are foods high in fat, sugar and salt. The government wants to crack down on obesity, and one of the biggest deterrents will be restricting the way these products are marketed in store. 

From April 2022, you will no longer be able to place HFSS products at the end of checkouts, aisles or store entrances. Certain promotions will also be banned along with free re-filling for things like sugary soft drinks. 

soft drinks refill

These changes are hugely beneficial for the nation’s health, but what about major brands which rely heavily on the sale of these products? More focus may be required on smaller retailers who could qualify for exception from this legation. This would be for businesses with fewer than 50 members of staff. 

But of course, not being able to tap into Tesco’s 7000 stores across the country for example is a huge concern, given how certain marketing techniques which may have proven beneficial before, now need to be taken out of the equation. 

Why is This Important?

Obesity is still a huge concern in this country. Back in June 2018, the government published a childhood obesity plan, and within chapter two, this clearly indicated how big changes were going to be made around marketing foods which are high in fat, sugar & salt. 

Why? Well, the UK now has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in the UK. According to Bupa, around one in 10 children aged between four to five were classified as obese in the same year this plan was first published. The fact parents are less enticed to purchase these products should help remedy this major national concern. 

It’s crucial you conform to these new regulations right away, otherwise you could be handed penalties. These are proportionate, with lots of focus on the amount of harm your specific non-compliance may have enforced. In most cases, businesses will be given warnings, allowing them to make necessary changes before a penalty is deemed necessary. 

Our Take

Future-proofing has always been a huge concern for Impulse. We will now realign our design work to ensure campaigns are still effective even with this new legislation taking effect. Our plans for HFSS have been outlined before, and we intend to stick with this vision. 

Some examples would be looking to utilise grocery aisles better, and adapting free-standing displays, which can be used in a variety of applicable locations in-store. Another huge challenge would be developing effective point of purchase strategies which are compliant, which is why we’re working rigorously to explore brand new opportunities which can enable this moving forward. 

Get set for the new age of retail with Impulse. We have a proven track record for designing and implementing highly effective campaigns. Contact our team today for an initial chat. 


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