Producing Excellence in Retail!

Thoughtfully executed POP displays can add ££’s to the profit margin, so prioritising the display areas is arguably the most crucial first step when planning your visual merchandising strategy, we explore the art of merchandising and the science.


First the science element, and with careful planning, the science can be tackled and accomplished logically.

Displays are best placed at key sight lines in store whether it be on shelves, gondola ends, till aisles or as a way to break up large wall displays. Maximising foot-fall is key.

In store research has shown that as little as two seconds can often be the duration of time you have to grab the customer’s attention!

Enticing your customer into your product can be critical as to how the product is displayed; It’s not always about ‘the decoration’ around the product to make it stand out, which has often been the case over the years when it comes to window displays. The product needs to tell a story. The customer needs to be able to imagine the product is the right choice for them.


UE Boom speaker display  UE Boom speaker display


Customer Choice is arrived at by engaging with the customer’s lifestyle, for instance, how the product could simplify an area of their lifestyle, or save time in their busy day.

The product story needs to grab the customer immediately.

The display message needs to be simple and understood quickly from afar and memorable enough to be noticed.

One of the most important questions to ask is who the display is targeting? The brand plays a key factor to enhance and identify this and should work in unison with the message.


Is the objective to target a single or multiple markets?

Multiple markets can often create design and engineering challenges which are tricky to address, although some of the more targeted and idiosyncratic market sectors bring their own challenges

Messages that try to target the many don’t convey the message precisely enough.

It is important that the message is not compromised.

It is easy to confuse the many rather than concentrating on and capturing the few correctly.

Too many displays confuse the customer and dilute the effectiveness.

POP displays are a selling tool and capture the impulsive along with the considered purchase.

It is vital to the product success that we engage the customer or we will lose the sale. The best story a POP display can tell, along with the correct message is a visual one.

ANP levitation module


This is where the art of merchandising plays its part- so what story should it tell? Is it for the health conscious? the decadent treat? or maybe the ‘can’t live without’ purchase?

Any of these possibilities need to tell the product story visually, then the customer can believe it is the correct purchase for them… the display becomes a ‘work of art’ through creative non- verbal communication.


When science and artwork are in unison you can create a powerful display tool which sells the product…that is what we believe in at Impulse POP where Creating Excellence in Retail is our philosophy……..