Producing Excellence in Retail!

As we approach Christmas… Impulse won our first Award! We won a Bronze in the Confectionary Section, for our work with Thorntons PLC.

After a good four months of non-stop overtime, the business is enjoying a slightly quieter period. Its given everyone the opportunity to take a breath, and we are now planning for 2011.

Its evident that Brands have invested heavily into this Christmas, and we all hope that this optimism carries over into next year. We are benefitting from a successful year invested in greater web and industry presence – new projects currently underway include creative work for Bacardi Impulse units and further DVD units for a convenience roll-out.

We are excited to be pitching for the 2012 Olympics Equipment and are currently working hard with three other major brands, which are being developed for production early next year.

At a client meeting today, we were discussing the merits of Far East Supply. The project in question requires this option to be considered, and we are comfortable in offering this service, especially if time permits – the cost advantage is key here. There is generally an air of trepidation associated with this route, based on quality, cash-flow and guaranteed lead-times. We are happy to discuss this further if you have a requirement in mind. Impulse offer a completely flexible service, where different manufacturing routes can be synchronised to suit required timescales, i.e feed in initial quantities from UK, then follow up from alternative, cheaper supply chain with longer lead-times.

Please contact ImpulsePOP to arrange a way of helping you achieve your goals.

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