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Ashleigh & Burwood KLONDYKE Gondola

Ashleigh & Burwood is a high quality, UK based manufacturer with a deserved reputation for creativity and innovation in the world of Fragrance Candles, Reed Diffusers, Oils, Scents, Lamp Fragrances and Incense Sticks.



With a rich heritage and an extensive product range, the company has successfully built its reputation in the UK market via distribution in Independent Gift Shops, Department Stores and Garden Centres.

With an enquiry received from the Klondyke Garden Centre Group, there was a need to build a new POS display to encompass the style and image of Ashleigh & Burwood and its various sub- brands for placement in garden centres in Scotland, Northern England and Wales.

Impulse POP was approached to work alongside the companys’marketing team to produce a solution for both Klondyke and other suitable distribution outlets that would enhance and build upon the growing reputation of Ashleigh & Burwood and its products.

 The solution was a gondola style fsdu with space efficiency at the forefront of the design process.

The display is manufactured in powder coated metal with fixed shelves for maximum product load up and brand exposure.

Interchangeable, magnetic graphics offer flexibility of brand and product promotion with high quality photographic imagery shown throughout the display.


The fsdu is assembled in- house at ImpulsePOP and delivered direct to the garden centres, fit for immediate use, with no additional retailer in- store build requirements.

The fsdu was launched in early Spring 2019 and was incredibly well received. This has now led to further enquiries for the display units as well as additional display design requirement requests currently under discussion to include wall as well as gondola fsdu’s.


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