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Impulse have been fortunate to have received POPAI awards in the past, for excellence in Retail Displays.

POPAI Retail Display Awards
FMBE Awards

I was asked to sit on the judging panel of the Field Marketing and Brand Experience (FMBE) awards, which convened last week in London. It was a great opportunity to study the best in class within this sector, and see again how the industry is evolving to keep ahead of the game. We all acknowledge how Retail is changing, the key is how we keep the interest in physical over web based activity, whilst keeping both experiences complementary.

These awards are well thought out with categories that concentrate mainly on the importance of the experience and the rewarding of the staff that implement the campaigns:

Sales Campaign of the year
Most effective in store marketing
Most effective tactical campaign
Most effective retail sales experience / sales event
Field data award
Team of the year

As a judge at the event, what stood out to me was the emotion and commitment that the most successful campaigns carried.

Where staff were going “above and beyond” the normal requirements, the performances increased exponentially. This was measured with tangible ROI data, providing an easy effectiveness barometer. This proves again that maximum brand engagement can only really be achieved with human interaction – this is good news for Retail, and those of us working in the industry. The experience in store is key to the path of purchase.

Retail Display Awards

Making the shopper feel at ease is important, at Impulse, we have been exploring the benefits of Scent Marketing, and experimenting with areas in store, both Ambient and specific. Further reading, and a good insight is provided here ( . This has an impact on the creative route we go down for POS displays, and makes us more appreciative of the shopper journey.
Staff Training is important – know your product, and be a fan of it yourself.
Keeping an eye on the campaign at all times is key – for example, simply keeping the product fully stocked was a simple task that put some campaigns in front of others.

Overall, we and our peers exist in business to increase the sales of your products. Those that clearly reminded themselves of this, performed better. It was good to see smaller brands outperforming some of the larger, richer ones, through clever and innovative methods.

I think this year’s awards submissions were stronger than previous years – probably due to the increased competition, and need to be much smarter, as budgets are cut and we now seem to have much more choice in everything we buy.

The awards are to be announced on the 26th September – good luck to all who entered.

Mark McKeown

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