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Brands getting ready for Christmas… I’m pleased to say that our turnover level in August will be double what we did in August 2009.

I gave up years ago trying to analyse trends and predict what is going to happen next.

Major retailers are filling the media with stories of fragility, and doom about what is around the corner.Whereas Brands appear to be finally “putting their money where their mouths are”. I was at Diageo last week – their display development plans are inspired, we’ve now got to come up with the goods!

Impulse is also prototyping for two large FMCG brands, and rather than the work being speculative, the capital expenditure is already signed off, and its now just a case of type of unit, rather than wondering if it will actually happen at all.

I take some heart from this and hope we are not being naive in believing that these are positive signs of a recovering recession.

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