When Captain America & Impulse Joined Forces

For over 10-years, Impulse POP has been at the very centre of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as suppliers of the famous shield used by Captain America. This highly sought after prop is one of the defining features across the entire series, often playing a huge role in the fight against evil forces that aim to take over the world. Its iconic design and prominent stature within the comic book lexicon means we are immensely proud to have been chosen to manufacture over 80 of these props for films which have generated over 22 billion at the box office.

You can rest assured that our industry knowledge is unparalleled when it comes to designing compelling media and entertainment displays, with our glowing endorsement from the Avengers themselves! The shield itself is made from spun aluminium and lasered individually with the required colour anodization. Once these processes have been completed, we can be happy that the shield is ready to be deployed out on the battlefield!

Why not take a look at our work for yourself and watch any of the numerous Marvel movies that have taken the cinema industry by storm since it started back in 2008. In recent times, the shield has also entered the world of television as Steve Rogers passed his famous companion to Falcon during the conclusion of Avengers: End Game, ready to be used alongside the Winter Soldier in a brand new series currently streaming on Disney+.

Captain America shield
Captain America Shield made by Impulse POP

Further Film & TV Projects

Major blockbuster franchises are part of our DNA, and we have also helped with the production of some well-known TV shows. Below are a couple more that managed to benefit from our work.

Blockbuster Logo

For the Love of Cars (Channel 4 Show)

On the other end of the spectrum within the entertainment industry, we were lucky enough to help with Channel 4’s “For the Love of Cars” back in 2014. The task at hand required us to journey back to the 1980’s and bring the famous DeLorean Car from Back to the Future into the show. 

Using our CNC laser cutter, we had a spring in our step, ready to craft something that would harken some very happy memories from what is one of the most beloved vehicles in all of cinema. We teamed up Ant Anstead and the film crew working on the episode, giving us a truly unforgettable experience.

Gulliver’s Travels (2010 Movie)

Going back even further, we also used the same laser cutter during a project on Gulliver’s Travels, starring Jack Black in 2010. This time, we formed a close relationship with the props department at Pinewood Studios, who wanted stuff made for the movie. 

The main star was constantly calling upon our props, with lots of footage being captured using a rotating mechanism made by our team. One of the most recognisable props from the movie would probably be a rather quirky looking chair that came with a series of cogs.

Gullivers Travel Chair made by Impulse POP

Helping Physical Media 

Long before the days of Netflix and Hulu, we were at the centre of DVD rental campaigns, giving stores the capacity to provide some of the biggest titles of the time. In 2010, we managed to build 200 units which came with over 20 interactive ordering stations during a 10 week period. 

The display in question we provided was for the management team at Choices, who wanted to take some control of what was an incredibly competitive market against the likes of both Lovefilm and Sky Box Office was. Overall, our team managed to get this display installed into 80 different stores!


Be sure to get in touch in order to discover more about how we have helped the film and TV industry. Who knows, we may also be helping you on your way to an OCASR or BAFTA award in the not too distant future. We can be contacted right here.

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