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Case Studies

At Impulse POP, we are really proud of the fact that the award-winning displays that we have been designing and manufacturing for more than 12 years have been across a wide spectrum of different market sectors for clients that have their own very distinctive and individual needs.
Working with clients such as Haribo, EA, Dare2B, Kent & Stowe, Tools Of The Trade, Craig & Rose, LaZBoy, McCullough, IIAA, Motorscrubber, YARA and Nairns has enabled us to build up our knowledge and skill base in so many exciting and innovative ways to ensure that we can give our clients what they want for their displays each and every time that they come to us with a new merchandising or display requirement.

Here in our Case Study section of the ImpulsePOP website, we have tried to give you a flavour of the brands and their specific project plans and how we helped to execute them.

The well-known brands that we have worked with in some of the most competitive, dynamic and fast-moving market areas in recent times, cover industries such as Entertainment, Professional Builders, Sports, Furnishings, Garden, DIY, Beauty, Confectionery, Forecourt and Snacks.


Kitting Out with…


Cleaned Up with…


Sticking with…

We expect and want our clients to be like us and have demanding standards – that is what keeps them at the top of their particular market sector.

You can see for yourselves in this section, the brands that we have been fortunate enough to work with recently and continue to do so as we go through the current year.

We hope that these brief summaries fulfil the criteria of any good case study in being a written account that gives detailed information about a situation over a period of time and we hope that all of our existing and future clients find the details supplied below of interest to their own upcoming POS plans and ideas.

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