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Walking down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris, which is one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, I came across various shop window displays. They all brought their products to life with French finesse. The details seemed to be more extravagant and had a Parisian feel to them which I absolutely loved. I felt like the opulence of Paris was mirrored throughout the streets.

Although we have the same stores like Zara and L’occitane in the UK, the window displays in Paris were completely different and had a different feel to them. I particularly loved the L’occitane window display as it is so vibrant and creative.

So what makes the window displays in Paris so different?

Well, we wouldn’t have the Eiffel tower in the UK L’occitane store would we?

That’s why I loved this display as it really represents Paris not just L’occitane! Paris had a way to combine the location with the brand.

As we are obviously not Paris I imagine the UK would probably dress the window with a seasonal trend instead, however, I think I would like to see a miniature Big Ben in a London window!

Paris is known for its perfumeries…I loved this Guerlain perfume display in one of the street windows so much, that I actually went inside to see more!

The detailed floral window display showcased Guerlain’s latest perfume. Once inside, the store layout presented you with an extension of the window, so the window really did represent what was inside the store.

From the displays to the food… even when I passed the bakeries, their windows were also detailed in a decadent Parisian manner, which made me want to take a look inside!

Paris is the place to be!

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