Producing Excellence in Retail!

-Cigarettes to Vapes

-Popcorn to Propercorn

-Corner shops to Farm shops

-Tomato Ketchup to Beetroot Ketchup

– Petrol Car to Electric Car

In the POP industry, new product ideas and consumer purchasing decisions are continuously evolving and not always because of the internet!

Sometimes, it is about fundamental changes in our lifestyles and attitudes as well as legislative requirements.

We visited the National Convenience Show in Birmingham last week to see some of our display design ideas in use and thankfully they were attracting a lot of attention on behalf of our clients in the many industries that were at this years show.

On walking around the show, we became fascinated to think that 15 years ago, the show was full of cigarette companies, snack food and confectionery producers and forecourt products such as car cleaning and car service products.

Whilst some of these markets still thrive and we continue to work with clients in these markets, it is also a fact that the arrival of brand new industry sectors such as vaping, natural ingredients and natural organic health, pharmaceutical and clean environment products have led to completely new product and distribution markets being developed and built.

We enjoyed this years’ show enormously, seeing the new ideas now on the market and we look forward to the opportunity to be involved in the creation of new POP shop display and merchandising designs for these new clients in the future.

… ImpulsePOP Creating Excellence in Retail…

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