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Christmas markets have been around for centuries and were originally known as winter markets. The first was recorded in Vienna in the 13th century, with German markets following suit in the 14th and 15th centuries. They are no longer restricted to their central European origins and more and more are popping up around the UK, Christmas markets have become something of a festive phenomenon and are now an intrinsic ritual in the run up to the big day. They are also ideal excuse for a pre-Christmas jaunt where you can wander the stalls, glühwein in hand and start ticking off your Christmas list.

Most Christmas markets run from mid or late November until a couple of days before Christmas Day, but depending on local traditions, some European markets prolong the festivities beyond 25 December. If you want your New Year’s Eve celebrations to include some quaint market browsing, Prague, Paris, Copenhagen and Tallinn all stay open until 6 January; maybe New Year markets will eventually filter in to the UK’s calendars too?

Christmas Market’s are becoming more and more of a place to go to enjoy and try different food delights you wouldn’t necessarily try elsewhere on an informal basis, both Christmas and food market /festivals are a social day or evening out for all, maybe these venues are a welcome change to sitting in a bar with friends, therefore you can see why the idea to amalgamate the shopping and food experience is becoming typical and why the retail requirement is evolving and free standing displays are spilling onto the streets!

Manchester Christmas Market

This year, Manchester Christmas market, one of the UK’s largest, celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Christmas markets used to be within cities only and obviously the cities are probably the larger markets where the seasoned Christmas market consumer may head towards, however they are some gems to be found locally, possibly on your doorstep, so you don’t even need to stray far from home for an authentic Christmas market experience, most towns are starting their own tradition… which are well worth popping along to, if only for the glorious food experience!

Street Food and Food Festivals have become very ‘on trend’ over the last couple of years, maybe it has derived from the Christmas market experience… Maybe an evening out for families rather than booking a restaurant, being able to meander through a market which can also be entertainment for the younger children too as they are free to be slightly louder than you would wish them to be when around a table in a restaurant…this seems to take preference for some families, perhaps a more stress-free option for busy parents with young families.

Christmas Food Market

Flamin’ Rooster BBQ at Telford Christmas Market

Bleeker Street Burgers at Old Spitalfields Market

Bleecker Street burgers at in Old Spitalfields Market, London

Bleeker Street Burgers at Old Spitalfields Market

Bleecker Street burgers at in Old Spitalfields Market, London

We had the opportunity to create contemporary permanent signage for a street food vendor, Bleecker Street in London (named after a well-loved, famous street in Manhattan), bringing authentic New York style ’burgers and sides’ to the streets of London. A contemporary burger bar container (situated below a bridge), in Old Spitalfields Market, was in need of an individual logo for the top of the container to create the ’look’. We were asked to create the permanent signage using a mild steel frame and individual letters. I think you will agree the logo looks effective and has the desired urban impression.

Nairns Snack Stall at Food Market

Snack food counter display we produced for Nairns which was launched at a food festival

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