Concierge Retail

Whilst everyone frantically tries to predict the shape of Retail, and the High Street post-pandemic, the wiser commentators look at a more basic approach.

Today’s society is certainly more geared around customer service, and getting what you want, first time and without fuss.

One success of the lockdown was the switch to online, and the constant flow of Amazon deliveries arriving daily, with free returns enabling an element of flexibility.

Shopping online

Retailers have always had to balance a number of different competing factors in order to stay competitive, including location, marketing and convenience.

In today’s market, many retailers are employing an omni-channel retail strategy, making their items available for purchase through multiple channels, such as in-store, online and via smartphone devices. And some companies are doing even more. In the traditional retail model, companies endeavour to make their goods and services as accessible to consumers as possible, so that when the customer needs or wants a particular item or service, they are able to find the right store and make their purchase (and hopefully a few additional unintended items as well!).

omni channel

And while retailers have historically focused their retailing strategies on location, marketing and convenience, there is another blossoming industry trend that appears to be with us to stay – what we would call “concierge retail”.

The Rules of Concierge Retail

1. A personal customer service is key.

Think John Lewis in the old days, make the visitor feel they are getting a personal shopping experience.

2. Accessiblity.

Have stock available in different variations – something that all post-pandemic retailers are currently failing on big time.

3. Display the products intelligently.

Rethink the call to action, product information, and more targeted towards the visitor – this person has made an effort to come into the store, rather than sit at home, shopping online.

4. Experience.

Make it enjoyable, less about the disruption – more about the engagement (see our previous blog on UX Impact on Retail).

5. Sustainability.

Don’t forget this key aspect, which may have been a little lost in all the screens production, but this will come back to haunt those that don’t consider the impact moving forward.

5 star rating

When Impulse has been looking at new briefs since Covid-19, we have taken things back to basics. We work with brands to get the messaging right, whilst creating the right shopper experience by involving more aesthetics in the design.

Make a free-standing display look more inspired by using different materials, use the units to multi-message to assist with the new store rules.

More space has been created In stores, and use this as an opportunity to make the displays an integral part of this – benefitting both the shopper and the retailer (and the manufacturer!).

Impulse will keep monitoring this change in culture, and look forward to using this opportunity to demonstrate their skills in creating the best in Retail Displays.

Contact us now to discuss your next brief, or just to chat about the opportunities that are now presenting themselves.


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