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Continuing on an earlier blog theme of a connected world, it is important that Retailers and Brands embrace this technology, and evolve their Retail strategy to suit.

Impulse have recognized this is shaping the future of in-store displays, and have recently been researching this on the high street whilst working on the latest creative pitch for Logitech. The focus of this project was about engaging the consumer to a new suite of wireless hi-fi products.

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A key feature of any successful display

Whether it be Countertop (CTU), or Freestanding (FSDU) is the ability to disrupt the shopper journey, attracting attention, either visually or via other “connected” channels. We must consider accessibility of product, and this is demonstrated when it comes to wanting to be able to “touch and feel” product, rather than the previously preferred design where products would have been was held captive behind an acrylic shroud. Security is an important consideration, making this method not only dated, but a backward approach for a connected generation!

This general topic is such an important issue, EE have written a white paper, which summarises nicely the Connected Retail culture

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Connected Strategy

A lot of this is common sense, but also a good reminder about the intricacies to be considered, including Social Media, Augmented (AR) and Virtual reality (VR), Networking, Apps and available technology.

We find a lot of our own internal discussions come back to the Importance of a connected strategy – an example of this is discussed in our earlier blog around the success of the Misguided brand 

We are constantly being challenged to create more intelligent displays – the messaging on the printed POS must be clear, informative and not too wordy.

When we design a Point of Sale Display, it has to work hard and engage quickly. The shopper is to be viewed as a satellite – spending the majority of their journey operating in a small orbit, with internet enabled media being key. Scanning tech, such as QR codes, NFC, AR work well on new IPhones that scan automatically (without loading specific Apps)

Finally, its worth mentioning Impulse Purchase – after all, I felt it important enough to name my business after it! There are two main purchase decisions, Impulse and Considered. The Impulse purchase is driven by an immediate need to buy the product, endorsed most probably by some form of digitally connected marketing.

The considered purchase has become more pertinent with bigger ticket transactions relying on research in store being only one stage of the process, whereas previously, conversion to purchase rates would have been higher without the internet to price check etc.

Like it or not, it is as important to be connected both physically and virtually in order to function efficiently in today’s retail environment. Our task as Retail Specialists is to make this process seamless.

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