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The 1829 Artisan Tester Unit for:

A Colourful Solution!

Craig & Rose is a long established and well recognized brand in the UK home decorating industry with an outstanding reputation for quality.

Their 1829 Artisan range has 117 colours to choose from and Impulse POP were tasked with the exciting and demanding challenge of designing and engineering a tester product  shop display to reflect the style and image of the product ranges and to accommodate on- shelf, this extensive colour range.

The challenge was for Impulse to design, engineer and manufacture over 350 of the shop display units to be launched into 100 x Homebase stores in July 2017 to replace a competitors’ paint range.

Following this launch programme there would be a requirement for more display units to be manufactured and shipped to other stores in Autumn 2017.

In a very busy and competitive in- store environment, paint display units need to be; educational, informative, stand- out, space efficient, durable and customer engaging.

To ensure that all of these requirements were met and that stock rotation and display replenishment was maintained in- store, the shelf display was designed and engineered to include a push feed spring system to enable the tester paint tins to feed easily into the trays for simple consumer selection and to highlight stock replenishment requirements to the shop personnel.

Involving Craig & Roses’ design and marketing teams in the project from the outset, Impulse were able to work on the project  from creative design, value engineering, right through to the final production and delivery of these attractive and functional metal and plastic moulded feeder trays.

The  display units can now be seen in Homebase and Bunnings stores across the UK.

These sprung fed tray designs are perfectly suited to the tester paints market requirements and have already had a great customer feedback.