Cross Brand Collaborations in Retail

Cross-brand collaboration is a marketing strategy which combines two offerings from separate companies. The technique is usually used to sell complementary products or services. Also called cross promotion or cross merchandising. Cross-branding occurs across fashion, beauty, travel, homewares and more. You can’t seem to move without seeing a big ‘X’ sandwiched between two brands logos to show they’ve been working on something together. Within retail stores you can often find the cross branded products across counter tops, parasite units etc.

Primark clothing

With hit shows like Friends and the Netflix sci-fi series, Stranger Things being so popular, retail businesses have launched collections based around those particular shows!

For example: Fast fashion retailer Primark, have launched a range for the hit TV series Friends and popular Netflix series, Stranger Things. Primark have many stores around the world, selling homeware, accessories, and clothing. Now including their new personalised ranges.

A Primark store located in Manchester, has the UK’s first Friends style Central Perk Café pop-up inside the store! The café launched last year perfectly in time to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the favourite hit show!

Perk cafe
Primark stranger things

People can now pop into their local Primark store and shop the latest Stranger Things and Friends items.

It’s not only Primark who have launched a Stranger Things range… fashion retailer H&M, have bought out their very own range of the Netflix series!

The collection is called StrangerThings x H&M.

HM and stranger things
Stranger things clothing
Disney vs skinny dip logo

Skinny-Dip have collaborated with Disney calling the collection Skinny Dip x Disney. Using our favourite characters, the brand have designed an epic collection of Disney accessories, T-shirts and more!

Brand characters
mean girls vs skinny dip
Phone covers

SkinnyDip have also collaborated with the iconic movie Mean Girls. They dropped a brand new clothing collection based on the movie – and it is SO FETCH!

The t-shirts and accessories are designed with the movies iconic phrases.

T shirt with phrases
Mean girls vs spectrum

From SkinnyDip…

To Spectrum – The makeup brand Spectrum, have also launched a brush set collection for the iconic Mean Girls film.

The collection is called Spectrum x MeanGirls.

Spectrum pink stuff

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Mastercard payment

At Impulse we have also worked with branded collaboration displays. We produced the Dare2b Clothing apparel free standing display with the luxury fashion house Julien MacDonald.

JM star stand
Sixpad FSDU display

And we have also produced Training Gear SIXPAD FSDU with the world’s No. 1 football player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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