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Crunch Time, Bans and Curbs and why Tony, Kitty and maybe even Aleksandr Orlov are having to change their attitudes.

Anthropomorphism is the idea that an animal, a god, or an object has feelings or characteristics like those of a human being and has played a significant part in the word of brand marketing for decades.

Characters such as Tony The Tiger, Mickey Mouse, Coco The Monkey, Michelin Man, Haribo’s Gold Bear, Kraft’s Moo, Hello Kitty, The Jolly Green Giant and Aleksandr Orlov (that is the name of the Meerkat in the Compare The Market Ads in case you were not aware!) have all been incredibly influential in the promotion of their respective brands and at ImpulsePOP we have worked with some of them over the years.

Popular cartoon and superhero characters have a massive influence on Children’s and even Adult’s product choice.

However, this has caused great concern in recent years for people like Jamie Oliver and organisations such as The Dept. Of Health and Social Care and the National Obesity Forum.

With recent statistics published this month showing that in the UK a third of children are overweight or obese by the time they leave primary school, we now have some of the highest levels of obesity in Children in the world and there are very strong views being expressed about how to stop, in the words of Jamie Oliver, cartoons and superheroes being used to ’peddle rubbish’ and using them instead to promote healthy foods.

Some brands are arguing that they have already started that process. One example is the use of the Honey Monster since 2014 to promote the re- branded Honey Puffs which had been sold since 1957 under the Sugar Puffs brand. Honey Puffs now have 20% more honey and 8% less sugar in each pack.

Another healthy example is the consideration of using the Jolly Green Giant, a well – known and loved brand, in the promotion of all vegetables and not just sweetcorn.

This is a serious subject and one which has to be addressed.

So, here at Impulse POP in addition to the changes already being discussed, we would like to see Aleksandr seated in the cinema munching on his fruit slices and vegetable sticks rather than indulging in a large tub of popcorn.

How about showing the brand characters and the children that they feature in the advertisements more actively engaged in sports such as swimming, football and cycling.

We like the thought of using the Seal from Zoggs swimwear encouraging more children to swim and Aleksandr the Meerkat eating fresh fruit to promote a healthier diet.

As so many of these great brands have been around a long time when obesity was not as serious a problem as now, we wonder is enough being done to get our children back in the swimming pools and parks playing football and riding their bikes?

At Impulse POP, we would love to get involved in promoting a healthier world and would welcome our client and suppliers views and support on this really important subject.

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