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Impulse designed and produced the 2018 generation of concrete looking Footwear Podium Shop Display units

After the successful launch of the 2017 podiums made by Impulse, which were distributed throughout retail stores in the UK, the next generation display was the Dare2 B Concrete podium for their key retail stores. Impulse POP were briefed to produce a repeatable podium for the brand Dare2B to look like a concrete monolith.

The challenge was to come up with a material and style solution that would give the look and image of a concrete podium, without using actual concrete! It was obvious that we couldn’t use concrete, due to weight and cost of processing.

This unit is intended to be used to promote latest designs of footwear in store, and the main intention is to stand out, in store. The impression had to be that the trainers looked good, stylish and worked effectively whilst running on the road.

The look of the concrete was achieved by the use of an mdf carcass structure with a digitally printed concrete slab image printed directly on to the material surface.

The Dare2 B trainer could then be permanently fixed to the top of the podium with a metal base plate.Image result for dare2b footwear


The result surpassed even our own expectations, even the matt finish felt like concrete!

This concrete podium display was launched successfully in mid 2018.


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