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The Power of the Display Stand

A display stand helps a product stand out from the many products its competing with. Rather than share a shelf space, a product becomes more visible, interesting and ultimately unique.

Design Stand: Furthermore, a retail display stand gives you the opportunity to communicate with potential buyers or customers.

We say “the most powerful display is the one that disrupts the shopper journey, stopping you to look at the product, and ultimately buy it!”

Crucially, the right display stand will boost sales and brand exposure. A shopper will more than likely return to the same product if it caters to or positively impacts their lifestyle. And as a brand, your product benefits from loyal customers who will seek out your product in future.

Therefore, for this dynamic to develop, your product needs to be offered in a memorable way. As POP and POS experts, we will work with you, from design to marketing to achieve this goal.

There’s a power and an art to the display stand.

What makes a great display stand?

We have a strong understanding of the industry through our 13 years of experience. And the many display stands we’ve created for our clients have been described as:


Keeping costs down is important for all businesses. Our displays won’t price you out of your budget. We provide cost-effective ideas, from design, all the way through to assembly of the display stand. This method ensures your ROI meets targets, and beyond, through projected payback periods. You’ll be sure to see your bespoke display stand reap financial rewards.

Strong and Durable

Our stands are made with quality materials such as wood, acrylic and metal. Furthermore, unlike many of our competitors, we have our own manufacturing plant ready to deliver excellence. The lack of outsourcing means there’s less of a financial strain for you to meet. We pride ourselves in making our stands as strong and durable as your product’s message.

Creative and Captivating

First impressions mean everything in the POS industry. Customers spend up to five seconds to decide whether to invest full attention in a product. Branding plays a huge part in the process, and a “call to action” is a prerequisite of artwork design, and message placement, making the best first impression every time. Our innovative creative approach ensures your product tells its story efficiently, accurately, and in the correct context. With its defining identity making it stand out from competitors, footfall and engagement will increase, ultimately positively affecting the return on investment!

How do you choose the right shop display stand? It’s simple.

Here are a few things to think of:


What type of product are you wishing to display? Does it hang, can it stand, or does it need to be placed on a shelf?


Why do you wish to display your product? Is it to increase sales? Is it to highlight the product’s usefulness in a new weather season?


The amount of space for the display stand is crucial in achieving desired goals.



It’s important that the display stand you choose fits your brand and is consistent with its style. The stand should be creative and captivating, it’s important the stand reflects your brand image.


Most importantly, the PRICE! Your budget affects how much you can invest in a display stand. The ROI is therefore a crucial criterion in deciding the worth of your investment. A cost-effective approach is at the core of our ethos of providing excellence in retail. Clever use of materials and form can create an impression of expense without it costing too much, this is an important aspect of Impulse’s process.

In conclusion: We offer end to end solutions at impulsePOP. If you are not sure of exactly what you and your product need, we have the perfect level of expertise to help! We will be there every step of the way.