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Display Units come literally in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of materials. Some clients have a good idea of the type of displays that they are looking for because they know and understand their distribution channels better than anyone, and in-depth market research has led them to decide how and where in-store they want their products to be displayed for maximum sales impact. Other clients prefer to work with us at the outset of their in-store display journey needs and we work together from the research stage to in-store build to come up with the right solution for them. Either way is fine by us here at Impulse POP! Within our website, you will see a wide variety of examples of the many award-winning brand and product displays that we have designed and manufactured over the years.

Display Types

Based on our years of knowledge and experience in the Retail POS world, we categorise the various display design ideas available for the customer to choose from as: Freestanding (FSDU), Counter, Wall bay and Gondola.

Display Materials

Material selection is always an interesting topic at the outset of the display design journey and it is often influenced by the brand or products distribution channels and the permanency of display required but, broadly speaking, metal, plastic, wood and card are the choices available.

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