Producing Excellence in Retail!

House moves are reputedly one of the most stressful times we are likely to experience. This and other factors have changed our attitude to DIY and Home renovation.

The UK market is worth £12.5bn, and more than 18 million people are now considered regular DIY shoppers, with around 5 million visiting B&Q stores alone over the Easter weekend.

We at Impulse have over 25 years experience, designing and building Retail Displays for this sector. Our past recent work includes Paint and Power tools. Other projects in this sector were discussed in an earlier blog.

We are proud to be referred by brands we work with across the DIY shed and Garden Centre chains. Our experience with specific store criterias, merchandising lab etiquette and generally best working practices across these formats – makes us an easy choice for new brands entering this market.

Our Design and Build facilities enable the business to look at different aspects of the building sector, and we are proud of some of our other non-retail related projects. Examples of this include:

Juliet Balconies

DIY and Home renovation, Juliet Balconies 

Copper worktops

DIY and Home renovation, Copper worktops 

As homeowners are becoming more experimental with materials, our manufacturing expertise has led Architects to us, and we have been producing in Corten material (a steel with a rusted look to it)

Corten material

DIY and Home renovation Corten material 1


DIY and Home renovation Corten material



There seems to be less creative boundaries now, which mean more opportunities for businesses such as Impulse POP to offer new ideas, creating an Art to metal fabrication!

Check out our Pinterest boards, showcasing work we’ve done in these different sectors, as well as some examples of other work we love.

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