Easter Shop Window Display Ideas

Easter is a period for being positive and looking to the future, which is something the retail industry can certainly relate to given the lack of restrictions allowing for visits to our beloved high streets once again

As perhaps the second most integral season after Christmas for retail, it’s important you market your products and services effectively, otherwise you could fall short compared to your main competitors. 

To ensure you’re placed at the heart of the high street over Easter, definitely consider designing and implementing shop window displays, and here’s how you go about this. 

Bring Out The Easter Palette

The Easter period is all about bright and positive colours, so make this the focus for your window displays. In fact, things like Cadbury Mini Eggs show just how broad the Easter colour spectrum can be. 

Cadburry chocolates

Of course, be methodical in your approach, as too many colours will distort the flow of your design, but definitely go for an opulent style, given how this really can grab people’s attention. 

Promote Positive Vibes

Like we’ve already mentioned, Easter and in particular, the spring months, ultimately represent a change in our mood, namely one that’s a lot more positive to the often tired and worn down vibes we experience throughout the winter. 

Pick a punchy strapline for the display, and really push the feel-good factor with messages which symbolise the forward-thinking mentality associated with Easter in general.

Add Some Character

Much like Christmas, the Easter season is rife with symbolic visuals. The standout would be the wildlife which bursts to life over this period, most notably rabbits, who have become the official mascot for many marketing campaigns over the years. Be clever with your branding, where subtle use of rabbits, chicks or lambs could create a simple transition into a seasonally appropriate persona. 

But above all else, the consumption of chocolate is perhaps the most popular aspect behind Easter, so even if your company doesn’t supply confectionery, maybe think about designing branded packaging for Easter eggs and scattering these around the display for further association with this celebration. 

Easter chocolate

You may have noticed Easter eggs appearing on shelves not long after Christmas trees were brought down, and for good reason! These delicious commodities are a goldmine for confectionary companies, with the average child receiving around nine Easter eggs last year (https://www.mirror.co.uk/). 

Consider Opening Hours 

Even though retail businesses are rightfully looking to utilise the Easter period for increased revenue, this also happens to be a time of year where families will want to spend some quality time together. With this in mind, there are some considerations you will need to make for opening hours. 

opening hours

If you want to show off your window displays in what’s considered a large store, then you need to bear in mind how this must be closed on Easter Sunday. These are stores which are over 280 square metres. 

If you run shops which fall below the threshold, then you can resume trading, but of course, the volume of customers is likely to reduce.  

Harness The Power of Retail with Impulse POP

It’s a little late this year, but if you want to plan for Easter 2023 over the next few months, be sure to contact our team to see how we can create the perfect Easter displays for your business. As the first year with HFSS Legislation in place, we’ll also make sure displays are legally compliant.


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