Producing Excellence in Retail!

The Effect of Technology on Retail. So before we all rush out to update to the new iPhone 5S – you have to wonder why?!

I’ve been an Apple obsessive for a while, and as an appreciator of great design, am feeling that we are not really getting the same innovative value as we used to.

The interesting view on the latest evolution from Apple is more a question of what has not been included in the 5S.

Near Field Communication (NFC) and Wireless Charging are set to revolutionalise the Brands activities in store, yet these crucial advances are not included. As a supplier of powered retail displays, the charging aspect alone would be fantastic for lighting etc. Until all Smart Phone manufactures embrace NFC, then its not a serious social media interface for brands.

I was assisting at various store surveys with our team at Heathrow earlier this week. It was pleasing to see how the stores are adapting to the new challenges being faced.

Harrods are adding a fresher approach to the Shopping Mall, and where we were concentrating (Dixons Stores) it was obvious that our brief to involve consumers to interact more – is a clear directive throughout.

Impulse has been working on new interactive solutions, and the inclusion of LED Lighting, buttons to push. The “Touch and Feel” aspect excites the consumer – this is much more important to include in the creative aspect of a display.

It’s clear that experiencing the products on display, is key.

Impulse operate within all sectors of the FMCG business – currently gearing up for a 400 store roll-out across the popular B&M estate. This is high volume, functional Gondola Style displays for DVD product – a cost-conscious, yet effective solution.

As consumers, we are more intelligent as we are more informed generally.

We will go to the store to substantiate a buying decision that’s probably been made prior.

The requirements of the display are in some ways more important – as its now a fight of the Brand, so visual effect, and ability to demonstrate the product is important.