Back to Basics: Effective Merchandising in Store

We feel that probably the market is now more divided than ever. When we look at where our core business comes from, and ultimately ends up, it is different to where it was a few years ago.

The difficulty for Brands is how to deal with the increasing “crossover” and number of competitors. This is where Brand Positioning and Display in-store is key. This is where we think, most of the change will happen shortly.

Our discussions with our colleagues become more in depth as we endeavour to gain the edge on others in our creative solutions. This has led us to revert back to the basic rules and ideas, which are important to remember, when it comes to finding the best solution to sell more products in store. And as many people are now missing going out to the stores, we are expecting people to start rushing back to them once restrictions are lifted.

Product Visibility

Don’t forget how important this is, especially when relying on impulse purchase – there is a “buy level” held around or just below eye level.

An important area to consider after utilising the main aisle space is the side space on the ends of gondolas. (Often known as End Caps). They should turn stock twice as fast as all other merchandising areas as the footfall is greater around these areas. Therefore, if you can tell the same story as the large main displays or create an impulse purchase by way of suggestion in a much smaller available space, you are onto a winner!

Therefore, by being clever with existing display areas with the use of Parasite Displays, Secondary units and Gondola end caps could be a most cost effective way of promoting a product.

Impulse CD display

Product Availability

If stock’s not there, it won’t get bought! Remember to ensure retailers restock daily, and a fully stocked display is very important to attract attention. This can be assisted by using pusher systems to keep products available. Make merchandising simple and accessible.

tools store

Communication and Product Story

The product story needs to grab the customer immediately. The display message needs to be simple and understood quickly from afar and memorable enough to be noticed.

Ensure any calls to action (CTAs) are clear and visible. Enticing your customer into your product can be critical as to how the product is displayed; It’s not always about ‘the decoration’ around the product to make it stand out, which has often been the case over the years when it comes to window displays. The product needs to tell a story. The customer needs to be able to imagine the product is the right choice for them.

woman shopping in store

Stock Rotation

This applies mainly to food products, but should also be considered in other areas such as clothing, where certain sizes sell out quickly and need replenishment.

man in the store with empty shelves

“Touch and Feel” Experience

The mobile phone market continues to be transformative and a quick look at displays, in particular how to subtly improve the presentations whilst ensuring the on-shelf security of the product continues to set new challenges and introduce new ways of merchandising products in-store, whilst still providing the “touch and feel” experience so important with these products.

Woman choosing the phone

Eye catching and Impactful POS

Use simple print and language, be respectful of the Brand guidelines, and the environment the units will be sited in. The product is the focus, not the display. If the product is high value, is there a security issue?

Consider size, both of the finished display stand, and the unit in its packaging – the impact on cost for distribution is sometimes a forgotten element.

hair products display

When it comes to POS displays, there are some popular choices that help showcase brand products in retail stores such as Counter top displays, Free standing displays (FSDUs), Wall Bay & Gondola displays and Window Displays.

At Impulse, we look after every aspect of the process, so are mindful of the best ways to execute your promotion. Constant sharing of ideas across departments makes sure we are looking after the process from start to finish – and that we are being sympathetic to any aspect that may influence price and return on investment.

Please contact ImpulsePOP to arrange a way of helping you achieve your goals.


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