Producing Excellence in Retail!

It’s the season of new design briefs, all of us looking to re-invent Retail, and find the best solution to sell more products in store.
Our discussions in the office become more in depth as we endeavour to gain the edge on others in our creative solutions.
This has led us to revert back to the basic rules, which are important to remember, and worth sharing:

Effective Merchandising

Product Visibility
Don’t forget how important this is, especially when relying on impulse purchase – there is a “buy level” held around or just below eye level.

If stock’s not there, it won’t get bought! Remember to ensure retailers restock daily, and a fully stocked display is very important to attract attention. This can be assisted by using pusher systems to keep products available. Make merchandising simple and accessible.

Pusher Merchandising Solution
Pusher Merchandising Solution
Pusher Merchandising Solution

Ensure any calls to action (CTAs) are clear and visible. Comprehensive brand communication.
What is your product’s point of difference?
Good awareness of range choice, and product details

Stock Rotation
This applies mainly to food products, but should also be considered in other areas such as clothing, where certain sizes sell out quickly and need replenishment.

Make Sure the POS is Eyecatching and Impactful
Use simple print and language, be respectful of the Brand guidelines, and the environment the units will be sited in.
The product is the focus, not the display.
If the product is high value, is there a security issue?
Consider size, both of the finished display stand, and the unit in its packaging – the impact on cost for distribution is sometimes a forgotten element.

Consider the Climate Change Effect Throughout the Process
At Impulse, we look after every aspect of the process, so are mindful of the best ways to execute your promotion. Constant sharing of ideas across departments makes sure we are looking after the process from start to finish – and that we are being sympathetic to any aspect that may influence price and return on investment.

Craig and Rose Effective Merchandising
Canna Effective Merchandising
Magformers Effective Merchandising

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