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Entertainment Alliance is the largest provider of home entertainment products in- store and online in the UK.

Entertainment Alliance and Impulse POP have worked together for many years on a wide range of counter, freestanding, wall, gondola and spinner displays units for the UK retail entertainment market.

With over 25,000 products supplied to retailers by Entertainment Alliance, the need for a partner that can supply high quality, well-designed metal POS displays and who can fully understand the importance of category development in- store is essential to ensure fast-moving product sales in a highly competitive retail environment.

Entertainment Alliance and ImpulsePOP

A recent initiative with B & M stores needed more than 500 x 4 tier metal counter displays to actively engage the consumers with a selection of promotional DVD’s.

The counter displays were designed, manufactured and distributed throughout the UK in Autumn 2017.

Over the course of the past 8 years, Impulse POP has been involved in the creative design, engineering and UK manufacture of a  range of attractive and impactful metal constructed fixed and spinning displays for Entertainment Alliance for CD’s and DVD’s. Impulse POP has also developed a range of injection moulded plastic shelves to display either CD’s or DVD’s. The reason that Impulse POP uses clear polycarbonate is due to the importance of seeing as much of the product as possible, and it is proven to be very robust in store.

Combining robustness and in-store durability with a creative and relevant design for ease of consumer selection are requirements that Impulse POP has been developing and implementing for many years with Entertainment Alliance and their UK retail clients.

All of these displays have a need for interchangeable and updateable price tickets and product promotional imagery and graphics and these are integrated into the final design in either card, foamex or plastic, dependent on client demands and the display permanency needs.

The market for CD’s and DVD’s is competitive and the winning companies are those with the best in-store presence that enables the consumer product choice easy to make.

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