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The Entertainment Retail Industry

The entertainment retail industry has seen more exciting challenges and changes to the way in which its products are purchased than almost any other retail sector. Digital retailing is offering new ways of obtaining music and games. This trend towards digital will continue to grow.

First of all, video, primarily DVDs and Blu- Rays, remains the largest category within the retail entertainment market, contributing around 60% of the total revenue.

In addition to traditional speciality stores and large retailers, the discounters market share is also expected to increase in the coming years.

As a result, the UK physical retail entertainment industry in 2016/2017 was still worth £2.2billion of an estimated £6.6billion market!

While many formats of physical entertainment sales declined such as music, video and games, however, handheld games software saw a growth compared to previous years declines and sales went back up to £65.6million in 2016.

Hence market shares of some of the UK’s leading retail groups in the entertainment market also made for interesting reading in the year to March 2017:

HMV demonstrated a market share growth of 15.4 % whilst ASDA grew to take an 8.4% market share. Morrisons and Argos also grew market share to 4.7% and 5.1% respectively.

Amazon, Netflix and Spotify are gaining millions of new users on a monthly basis, however there are still certain times of the year e.g. the Christmas holiday period where physical still dominates in the world of gifting.

A very high percentage (over 57%) of consumers still state that they enjoy shopping for entertainment goods.


£2.3 Billion

Total Value


Retail market Value - DVDs & Blu-Rays


Of consumers still enjoy shopping for entertainment goods


HMV Growth


Retailers have been very successful


Products Supplied to UK Retailers 


Consumers Find Entertainment Shopping Easy



While retailers have been very successful in offering well merchandised and relevant assortments and over 65% of consumers have said that they find shopping for entertainment goods easy. Consequently, this is where Impulse has been able to consistently come up with successful display solutions for our clients.

Because we have developed ideas with retailers and brands in this market for some years and with over 25000 products supplied to the UK retailers, there is a need to come up with POS display solutions that engage the customers across a large range of display items such as freestanding units, counter displays, gondolas and wall displays.

Therefore we understanding in-store category development requirements as well as being able to come up with new and exciting ideas to entice and engage the consumer has been consistently demonstrated by the team at Impulse.

Most noteworthy, with regular new releases, the lead time from design to in-store implementation can be a challenge on occasions! However, we know the market and have consistently hit the client launch targets even when at their most demanding!

At Impulse, we also understand that in such a fast-moving and constantly changing market, there is a requirement to build in-store display displays that can be easily updated to enable an ongoing impactful and fresh look to be sustained to the display.

One recent example of our work saw Impulse design and manufacture 500 x new 4 tier metal counter displays for promotional DVDs in less than 3 weeks!

Impulse has been at the forefront of innovation and design at the point of sale in the entertainment retail industry for more than 12 years.

While designing and manufacturing freestanding metal, acrylic and card displays with a facility for use as spinners, counter units, wall bays and gondolas with on – display and on – shelf updatable graphics has been central to Impulses’ longstanding success in this sector.

Most noteworthy, at Impulse, we have been able to use our experience to design and produce innovative ideas and solutions such as injection moulded display shelves made specifically to accommodate varying quantities of CDs and DVDs for use in all major retail stores.

Major brand owners, video, DVD and CD wholesalers and distributors continue to be regular clients for Impulse and their design team.

With the arrival of the large retail and discount groups in to the entertainment market such as ASDA, Tesco, WH Smith, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons as well as B&M, The Range, That’s Entertainment and Argos, the demand for innovative and impactful product and customer service area point of sale displays continues.

Impulses’ experience in this market sector and the knowledge gained over so many years enables a speedy, reliable, attractive and sustainable POS display solution to be found to our clients’ needs whether it be for traditional point of sale displays or subscription services engagement and sales areas within the stores.

Retailers such as B & M and Poundland already stock a wide range of DVDs and CDs in most stores and the need for impactful, well designed in- store displays remains vitally important.

Some recent examples of our metal and acrylic permanent display work are explained below

A Single side retail display with 21 display facings and a stock holding of 84 DVDs produced for siting at the till points for maximum impulse purchase attraction.

Tower gondola style retail display unit for best use of space to accommodate 108 facings and 432 DVDs when load up is at maximum levels.
Compact freestanding spinning display with 40 facings and a load up of 240 DVDs for use in retail stores with minimal space usage.
Gondola freestanding display with 144 facings and a load up of 864 DVDs for siting in- store.
4 sided freestanding DVD display for use in Department stores developed for House Of Fraser for the busiest of well managed retail environments to gain maximum use of space in – store. 60 facings; with 240 or 300 CDs or DVDs.

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