Factory Cost Saving and Sustainability

There are a number of things the pandemic has taught Impulse since it started to spread early last year, and one of the biggest lessons would be just how harmful some of our everyday actions are on the environment. This is especially prevalent in the retail industry, where plastic packaging and certain distribution measures have a massively negative impact on wildlife and could be seen as leading proponents for things like climate change.

We don’t want to be part of a sector that is actively damaging the integrity of our world, which is precisely why we are always looking into how our operation can be altered to ensure we can remain fully functional whilst also helping the environment sustain itself into the future. With this in mind, we are pleased to confirm that our investment this year will include a new Fibre Laser cutting machine. This will not only improve productivity, but will consume 50% less electricity in the process, and reduce our C0₂ output – getting us nearer to our goal of carbon neutrality. In addition to this, below are some of the key eco-friendly measures with which we have been involved over the years.

Saving Energy and Helping the Planet

There are loads of ways we have tried to alter the way we operate in order to become more environmentally friendly. Over recent years, we have re-modelled certain areas of our business to ensure they are producing the quality we want, but also reducing the amount of damage this might be inflicting on the world. Below are some of the key areas which have undergone important changes.


After a survey was conducted, we discovered that Impulse was 20% below the recommended levels of lighting in a number of areas. We also found out that our expenditure was rather hefty and that heat was being needlessly relinquished due to delamination. So, we needed to think hard about how this could be rectified for the better! 

We firstly introduced LED lighting which helped to reduce C02 and overall costs each year. Any roof lights were also replaced so that an increase of natural light and heat could be achieved. This was a large-scale investment overall, but the positive effects were almost instantaneous.

LED lighting
LED lighting


As a market leader for the design and manufacture of permanent sport and leisure displays and much more, we are also thinking carefully about how they are going to be disposed of in the long run.

To ensure our displays are never a hindrance to the environment, the key materials used are often recyclable so that shop owners can remove displays without any concerns about the impact this could have. 

Over a 12-month period, the amount of plastic being used by Impulse was reduced by 30%, and we are now looking into how we can incorporate more beneficial alternatives so that displays are made to benefit anyone looking for effective advertising and also making sure the world is looked after when they are no longer required.


Recycling sign

The main bulk of materials being used by Impulse are regularly recycled and this is something we want to keep overseeing well into the future. For example, any plastics used will be separated for different disposals, allowing us to reduce the amount of landfill output by a minimum of 10% every single year. 

Further Insight into Our Energy Changes

Back in 2018, we set out a very clear vision about how we wanted to alter the way we operated for the benefit of the environment. Reducing carbon dioxide was hugely important for us, and we aimed to get our numbers down below 73% over the course of three years. Over 110 roof lights were also added to ensure we could eradicate an environment that was considered 25% dimmer than necessary. We managed to oversee 73% annual energy savings, as our CO2 output was initially 18,567kg per year, being reduced to only 4,943kg.

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