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At Impulse we are constantly working to being “best in class” when it comes to our manufacturing processes, product design and customer care. Looking at the bigger picture, we underwent a site-wide environmental review which highlighted a few important issues that over a period of time had worsened without realising the impact.



As a market leader in the design and build of permanent displays, it is important that we create our units sympathetically towards the execution and eventual disposal of our displays. We ensure all our materials are recyclable where possible, and push clients to consider the long game, rather than sometimes focussing on the short term lower cost promotional units that do not last in store.

As a manufacturer, it is easy for our development team to design intelligently around material sizes that are size economical, sustainable and cheaper to transport etc.

Our plastic spend has reduced by 30% over the last 12 months – we are successfully introducing alternative, more sustainable alternatives.



We have always recycled our main raw material (metal) and this continues. We also split out our plastics for separate disposal, reducing our landfill output by minimum 10% year on year.



When surveyed, we were 20% below the recommended light levels (in some areas)

We have been using metal halide lighting which was producing 18,567KG C02 per year and also costing £4576 per year

We had 102 existing rooflight panels which were letting little light in, and also losing heat due to delamination.


What did we do to improve the lighting?


Introduce LED lighting throughout reducing C02 to 4943kg per year (a reduction of 13 tonnes!), and hopefully reducing our cost to £1218 per year

Replace all rooflights to immediately increase light levels, and heat insulation

Impulse spent over £20,000 implementing these changes. We are viewing the advantages both from cost and environmental aspect,  as a long term project – although the immediate effects of the increase in light were amazing! We all feel better, and realise how the worsening effects of low light were impacting our wellbeing whilst at work.

See a full case study of our LED lighting updates here

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