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Fitness trackers: Chances are you know someone who wouldn’t think of leaving the house without their fitness tracker.

According to a 2015 study, people who use exercise apps are more likely to work out in their spare time, compared to those who don’t use them.

Strava, Garmin Fit, My Fitness Pal to name but a few; many of us can relate and are connected to one of these Apps through a tracker which in turn are following friends who work out too.

Fitness apps can be such a great tool, when used frequently it can feel as though you are training with others and you’re not on your journey alone, comparing data, who can run the fastest 10k, who has ridden the most miles during the week, always wanting to do better than the day before; the banter between friends can be great motivation.

On a good session you don’t mind anyone seeing how well you have done or how long you have worked out.

The ability to share run or ride routes on the fitness apps is practical and constructive, I think this is a huge feature.

There is however the other side of being accountable, an element of big brother watching and you obviously want to give your best effort for each work out because many apps such as Strava upload your workout straight away for all to see; you could argue this keeps you focused and connected to your friends.

Yet there is nowhere to hide when you have not had a great workout, instant upload doesn’t feel like a friend then!

There is pressure to post a training session amongst friends to stay updated and with that comes pressure to feel as though you are not training enough or fast enough when you compare yourself to other people’s posts, especially considering those who get a kick out of feeling slightly smug when they know they have outshone fellow friends.

Then frustration can occur when the tracker doesn’t record the session properly and doesn’t upload your best run or ride splits, therefore I do wonder whether some people work out to impress the App and their connected friends or for their own personal fitness gain.

If impressing your connected friends becomes your aim, you may lose focus to what truly matters, your own well-being and what drives your motivation to achieve your goal, however little or large.

Fitness trackers and apps can be rather addictive; Nevertheless, if you are mindful and not obsessive to how others are training fitness trackers and apps can have a positive influence to your lifestyle to help how you train or work out, especially when you are able to see your own progression however small!

Many people use health apps to feel in control of their bodies and minds. Of course, wanting that control isn’t new, but the amount of data we now have at our fingertips is new and the marketplace for such trackers is in the highest demand and continues to grow.

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