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Forecourt Bunkers: Keeping our emissions down!

Impulse Point of Purchase has been manufactured forecourt product display bunkers for the last 2 years.

150 forecourt bunkers and been produced for the AdBlue product.

AdBlue is a motor vehicle additive that reduces emissions of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust gases of UK diesel vehicles.

The forecourt bunkers have been rolled out to fuel station forecourts all around the UK.

Secure product bunkers can provide a secure, lockable display unit, for filling station forecourts or shop fronts.

They can be displayed within any retail environment where products are sold and stored externally to the store.

Positioned nearest to the footfall of passing customers, they encourage an impulsive purchases opportunity.

Lockable Bunkers are also ideal for households as storage containers.

Forecourt Bunkers for Petrol Stations by ImpulsePOP

forecourt bunker for Petrol Stations by ImpulsePOP outside view