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The team at Impulse Pop are always really excited to work with brand new industries and help them merchandise their products with effective displays. Over the years, our team has developed parts for a car chassis and created promotional displays which aim to entice people into making impulsive purchases when filling up their vehicles. Below, we have highlighted the stand-out projects we have worked on and how they managed to benefit these specific clients.

Motor Racing Parts – Arch Motors

Among the many partnerships we have accumulated over the years, we are especially proud of the alliance we have formed with Arch Motors in Huntingdon. We place this very high on our list of accomplishments since this project massively differs from the conventional point of purchase work we provide for many other clients. This demonstrates that our team is always happy to design and manufacture solutions even if they aren’t directly linked with the sort of work we are usually accustomed to.

We were instantly drawn to the fascinating world of racing car design and manufacturing, since this would provide our creatively minded team the prime opportunity to use their skills for something completely different and enhance their versatility in the process. The similarities between our typical work and the sort of things completed by mechanics are also more prevalent than you might think! Much like a chassis, we also need to make sure the displays we make come with the required solidity and safety in place, otherwise the final results won’t meet important criteria.

Here, you can see just some of the parts we have managed to create for Arch Motors, all of which were made with impeccable integrity and attention for the best results.

Arch Motors parts
Arch Motors parts

Forecourt Displays – Siskin

Siskin display

Away from the world of motor racing, we have also helped the everyday driver when visiting petrol stations with purpose made displays. Waiting in line to pay for fuel is one of the prime opportunities to grab people’s attention with compelling designs that encourage them to make impulse purchases, whether that be for vehicle related products or something based around confectionery.

When companies have a major launch, they often turn to us in order to help them with important in-store merchandising. This was the case with Siskin who produced a range of Apple accessories in the form of cables and phone cases. They needed assistance with displays that would be used in Tesco stations and around 300 of the same for Gerald Ronson owned petrol station forecourts.

Once we were commissioned to produce these displays, our team worked on utilising existing shelving within the store, making sure the Siskin branding was handed more prominence with clear segmentation. A fin system was then designed with universal bracketry to really make the products stand out and remain appropriately separated. Since these products varied in size, we decided the best way to promote them would be with the use of euro hooks. The fins themselves were made from printed Foamex with metal movable brackets to ensure they could fit into the gondola uprights.
The second unit we created was a free standing display which could also promote different sized products mainly associated with the leisure and travel industries. This unit was made with powder coated steel, Foamex printed side panels, interchangeable top header graphic with movable metal shelves and promotional shelf front ticket strips. Something we had to make sure was incorporated within the design was a flat pack construct so that easy transportation could be achieved. After we have designed and manufactured the units, they were sent to forecourts across the entire country over the course of a six week period.

Forecourt Bunkers – AdBlue

adblue product

Back in 2016, we also managed to create over 150 bunkers for AdBlue products. This offers drivers a motor vehicle additive which aims to reduce carbon emissions. We made sure the displays were lockable to maximise security as they would often be placed outside from the main store itself. With their position right next to customers as they enter the store, they are in the prime location to encourage an impulsive purchase.

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