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FSDU Display Manufacturers

CDU Displays and CTU Displays

FSDU Display Manufacturers: Freestanding Displays

Freestanding Displays are usually positioned mid floor, are self-supporting, offering a space-efficient merchandising solution for displaying products.

These come in various formats:

Single sided / double sided / 4 sided / round / triangular displays:

The units sometimes rotate (Spinning Displays) allowing easy browsing of product. FSDUs can be Island Displays which have a larger footprint and are not so space efficient.

Usually, an FSDU has been designed bespoke for the product, it is a brand statement, allowing the shopper to peruse the product in a defined manner.

Supporting Print assets assist the buying process, and the display assists this. Some units are produced with storage facilities, a cupboard which can be lockable, or a display shelf protected behind a window to showcase product.

Materials use vary from painted or laminated MDF, powdercoated metal, acryrlic sheet (coloured or clear), PETG, Injection moulded plastic is sometimes used for shelving or exposed parts that need to be robust.

Print is either applied to the substrate, or held in place with holders enabling the period changing of it for change of range or promotion.

Counter display manufacturers: How we can help

CDU Displays and CTU Displays Manufacturers: Counter Display Units and Counter Top Units

Size matters! and depending on the type of product category involved,a counter display or counter top unit must be space efficient, engaging, impactful and encourage interaction whilst not annoying or upsetting either the customer or the shop retail personnel whilst conducting the important transaction of paying for the goods!

The CDU or CTU must be able to accommodate a varying quantity of goods e.g. for gift cards, lottery tickets, travel accessories or packs of confectionery. The unit must be able to hold a reasonably high volume of packs, often to match the bulk packed quantity supplied by the producer, whilst for CDU’s or CTU’s for the ipad, headphones, watering cans or other gardening accessories markets, the product volume needs are much less.

Good quality card or substrate printed imagery, frequently needing to be updatable is critical, as with all POS displays. The other critical factors are the volumes required, the product design itself and the clients budget, these factors will dictate the need for either a temporary or permanent CDU and CTU solution and the materials required such as card, plastic or metal.

Promotional counter units with short lifespans are produced in cardboard or foamex.

CTU Display Manufacturers

Counter Tester Unit Display

CTU Display Manufacturers:  Counter Tester Unit Display

A Counter Tester Unit Display has long been a crucial component of the family of POS displays used to launch and build product awareness in the cosmetics and fragrance industry.

Without the possibility of being able to test or trial the product before actually buying the latest mascara, lip gloss, foundation cream, perfume, eau de toilette or after shave, the product attraction is reduced. Creating a suitable well designed, attractive and brand identifiable counter tester unit is an absolute must!

As well as the Counter Tester Unit, there is also the need for a Shelf Tester Unit, which will be sited amongst the products within the store shelf or gondola system.

The importance of the Counter Tester Unit cannot be underestimated in refining the consumers final decision on product purchase.

In the DIY, Leisure and Home Improvement market, there has been a long time challenge to design a Tester display to enable the customer to gauge feel, style (and weight) for items varying from the latest watches and jewellery to power tools and gardening products, whilst also catering for the anti- theft needs of the stores themselves.

In more recent times, the need for Counter Tester Units has grown as the world of mobile technology and electronics becomes ever more important with the need to test the look, style and comfort that todays’ consumers want to help to inform their purchasing decisions with their iphones, ipads and headphones.

CTU Display Manufacturers ImpulsePOP

As with other POS display items, high quality imagery to fit to card, plastic and metal Counter Tester displays enables the correct quality image to be designed and manufactured to fit different types of products.

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