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Wall Bay & Gondola Entertainment Displays

ImpulsePOP has a great record in the design and manufacture of in-store display solutions that need to be fitted to the more robust and permanent shopfitting display areas such as wall bays and gondolas, both of which often have very specific in-store dimension and site space needs.

The wall bay programmes that can be seen in outlets such as the music and entertainment store displays as well as garages / forecourts and convenience stores will often use the term – ‘parasite units’ that are required to be mounted on to the wall bay or end cap fixture, as they are specifically required to promote a section of products that are on- shelf within the wall bay itself.

These particular display solutions come in the way of shelf strips, hotspot graphics, bus stops, clip strips, movable display blocks mounted on-shelf and illuminated shelving support items.

For additional Gondola display requirements, in addition to the on-shelf activity programme items, it is nearly always a pre-requisite to design an end gondola display solution – often viewed in the POS industry as one of the most vital display areas in the store!

Why Use Impulse POP?

checkOver 15 years of POP Industry knowledge.

checkHigh quality material sourcing in metal, acrylic and card.

checkEnergy conscious, efficient and sustainable work practices.

checkOur own UK based design, engineering and manufacturing resource.


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