The Happy World of HARIBO

The traditional brand with a history

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Kids and Grown-Ups love it so, the happy world of HARIBO.

HARIBO is recognised as making some of the best-known confectionery products in the world.

Starmix, Tangfastics, Supermix, Goldbears, Chamellows pink and white, Jelly Babies and many more are all known and loved by grown-ups and kids alike.

HARIBO have been making sweets which are successfully distributed and sold across the world to a wide variety of retail stores since 1920.

The confectionery market in the UK, as elsewhere, is a very competitive environment and to continue to build brand awareness and loyalty for Haribo’s products through top-class display and merchandising programmes is crucial.

All of the merchandising and in-store display items, whether they be; on- shelf, on a counter, freestanding or gondola displays need to be designed and developed with the goal of improving Haribo sales.

In the UK, one of Haribos’ key retailers is Poundland.

Impulse purchases really matter to Haribo.

Impulse POP was asked to design and manufacture a ‘best in class’ freestanding product display to achieve maximum product load- up and to promote the Haribo product ranges to full effect in their key Autumn sales programmes at Poundland.

Working closely with Haribos’ procurement and marketing teams to ensure that brand impact and cost targets were adhered to, the design solution was a colourful metal framed unit with hooks for hanging the product bags, to which there is attached Haribo branded foamex side wings and an interactive spinner selection wheel facility to capture fullest consumer engagement of the product ranges that exist in.. the happy world of Haribo.

Over 830 of these colourful, interactive and highly effective freestanding display units were designed, engineered, manufactured and distributed to Poundland Stores during September 2017 in time for the Poundland Autumn sales programmes.


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