How To Display Shop Items?

Taking full advantage of the high street makes perfect sense. Right now, lots of people are enjoying the summer months by lapping up physical retail and the wondrous experience this can offer.

This upsurge was evident during the Jubilee weekend, in which the Guardian reported a 17% increase over people visiting shops compared to the May average.

Needless to say, many businesses already have their merchandising strategies well established, but if you’re on the verge of launching a brand new product or service, and want to promote this in shops, we have explained some of the most important aspects behind an effective display.aspects behind an effective display.

Know Your Audience 

Before you even consider getting started, think about whether you truly understand your main audience. What are their interests? And how do they respond to things? Use this to develop your initial plans which will dictate every decision you make whilst putting the shop display together. The more you know your audience, the more likely visuals, straplines and interactive features are to really hit the spot.


Be Creative 

Think outside the box and try to make your shop displays look unique. People aren’t going to remember a generic display they’ve seen time and time again, but rather creative concepts which dare to push what’s possible. If your display is well received, just think about the social media exposure you might receive from people who want to pose and share images of their time spent interacting with your display.

Select Suitable Locations 

Location is and always has been hugely important for in-store presence. Being placed at the end of an aisle or even at the very front of stores will of course generate more exposure, just remember that HFSS legislation is going to prevent junk food from being placed here soon. For maximum versatility in your approach, definitely consider an FSDU display, as they can be moved around the store. Using some simple trial and error, you can make alterations until you find the perfect location which appears to draw the biggest crowd.

Italian store display

Make it Interactive 

People venture off to the high street because unlike online shopping, this can provide them with a memorable experience. It’s a day out for many, so try and harness the interactive nature of being out in the big wide world.  This can be easily incorporated into your shop display as modern technology permits incredibly interactive concepts, so much so, people can even experience the full potential of your offerings through virtual reality. If your budget allows it, also hand out samples for people to try, whether that’s small portions of your food, or even a trial period for people to use products for themselves.

iPad Display Counter & Free Standing
Interactive Touchscreen Display

Offer Transparency 

Be open and honest about what you can provide people. Never mislead or overstate the performance of something, as you’ll be caught out later, and this will only damage your brand’s reputation. Pick out unique selling points which can be backed with concrete data, and consider making your own presence felt within the product, with focus on the journey you went through and why this means so much to you. That way, people can see your heart is really in the right place, rather than simply jumping on trends.

Display Shop Items With Impulse POP 

Are you getting ready to take on the world of physical retail? Let us help you design and create the perfect displays to keep your brand in the best possible position on the high street. Contact us directly to get started.


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