Producing Excellence in Retail!

How we work


Calling on our in-house team of designers, we offer a full creative package. The studio works with 3D Studio Max for visualisation, other services include Brand Design, Artworking, cost sympathetic Merchandising Design, with an eye on easy in store implementation. Working closely with production, we ensure what our studio designs, follows brand guidelines and is value engineered even at the creative stage, to meet the ever-cost conscious budget.


Prototype Development

Our development team link closely with the Design studio via 3D Solidworks to take a unit from the creative visual, translate via CAD and DXF files to get to the physical product. This is produced in our factory, only a few steps away from the office which is ideal for in-process checks, and makes the development process much easier. We work with our own CAD development engineers and operate seamlessly with production, to ensure we meet client expectations every time.


Project Management

Trust our team of experienced project managers. From the smallest order to the largest Pan European roll-out, the disciplined process required is the same.

Here at Impulse we operate a systematic approach, where your account is allocated a lead manager and as the workflow progresses, a separate tier of project managers will operate. Real-time systems are used allowing complete trackability, from a production update, to finding out exactly what time the store installation was completed and the ability to see images of the display within minutes of it being fitted in store.


Our facilities are geared towards delivering excellence in Retail. CNC Metal, Acrylic and Print Fabrication facilities, including Laser produce outstanding quality and flexibility in design. The difference between Impulse and other agencies is that we don’t distance ourselves between disciplines – that comes from having them all under one roof.

Our company policy is to constantly reinvest in new and more efficient equipment, gearing labour accordingly. We operate the build process from our own 10,000 sq ft factory. Most of the plant is CNC controlled, offering close tolerances where needed and the ability to produce more design-led Point of Sale Displays.



Calling on a flexible and experienced work force, Impulse relish the opportunity to provide the finishing touches to any retail project. Producing excellence can only happen when attention to detail extends to the final packing and assembly – making ready for despatch.

We expect to apply print beautifully, wire in lighting safely, package and protect thoughtfully. Organised teams work efficiently, with back up from the Project Management team. We have provided training days for ours and other installation teams – and video shoots to assist the Brand and Retailer teaching programs.

Our warehouse team provide final palletising, sympathetic to specific brand owner and retail stores compliance. We operate our assembly in a connected 10,000 sq ft unit, kept separate from the main factory, to keep the process clean and efficient.


Installation, Delivery & Storage

Impulse operate our own teams and a flexible pool of labour and vans to expand and contract depending on the scale of the roll-out.

Our teams are experienced in all aspects, skills we take for granted in our staff include; qualified electricians, joiners, merchandisers and fitters.

Situated centrally on the A1, Impulse enjoys a fantastic distribution network – we can deliver either directly through our own vehicles, or via overnight parcel / pallets. Full traceability comes as standard, you’ll be allocated your own account manager – as a one stop contact during your project.

Impulse offer complete storage facilities with racking and containers for all client.