Producing Excellence in Retail!

How We Work

Project Management

  • Experienced POS Industry Project Managers.
  • Operating a systematic lead management approach to all projects.
  • Real-time systems allow for day to day engagement and complete customer project visibility and tracking from creative design through to in- store installation.
  • A Unified Solution approach from start to finish!

Why Use Impulse POP for Your POS Solutions?

We believe that there are at least 4 good reasons why using Impulse POP is a good choice for making your brands stand out in-store!

… steps to producing excellence in retail…

Creative Design

  • The full creative package with cost-consciousness at the fore!
  • Highly trained and experienced POS Industry Designers.
  • 3D Studio Max for visualization of all design ideas.
  • Artworking to client requirements as needed.
  • The goal is to produce excellence in retail every time!

Prototyping and Engineering

  • We understand how to take Creative Design ideas through to the end product.
  • Our Engineers work with 3D Solidworks to draw up the required CAD and DXF files.
  • Our industry experienced CAD development engineers work closely and seamlessly with our manufacturing team.
  • Proximity of engineering and manufacturing staff in the same facility at our UK plant makes for quick, reliable decision making on all projects!


  • Our facilities include CNC Metal, Acrylic and Print Fabrication.
  • Latest technology-led laser machines produce outstanding quality and flexibility of design.
  • We re-invest constantly in new and more efficient equipment.
  • CNC controlled machinery offers exact tolerances.
  • We apply print beautifully.
  • We wire in lighting safely.
  • We package and protect thoughtfully.
  • We provide final palletising, always sympathetic to specific brand owner and retail stores compliance.
  • We train consistently!
  • We operate our assembly and build process in a connected, clean, efficient 10,000 sq ft factory based in Sandy in the UK.

Delivery and Installation

  • We have a team experienced in all aspects of POS delivery and installation requirements which include, qualified drivers, electricians, joiners, merchandisers and fitters.
  • Situated centrally on the A1, Impulse enjoys a fantastic distribution network location.
  • Roll- out scale and timings vary and for this reason Impulse offers complete storage facilities with racking and container storage available for all clients.
  • We deliver either directly through our own vehicles or when required via contracted overnight parcel / pallet delivery companies.

Not sure what display you need?

Don't worry, we can manage the whole project from design to delivery and installation. To get started, here's a few things to think about, then just give us a call to talk through your options.

Is the unit to be floor, counter or wall mounted?

Is there a specific number of products/SKUs to be displayed?

Are there any size restrictions?

Is the unit to be single / double / triple sided?

Do you have a material preference to build the display in?

What budget are you working to?

What are the pack sizes?

Are the products to be hung or shelved?

Is the product high value and security need considering?

Are there any specific brand guidelines to be followed?

What colour should the stand be?

Has messaging been considered on the print artwork?

How involved do you want Impulse in the project?

Has a design been agreed?

What distribution method to store are you considering?

How can we help?

Do you have an end date for your campaign to be in store?

Can we help to create the critical path with you?

Not sure about all the answers? Not to worry, just give us a call to speak to one of our helpful advisors.

Find Out About a POP Display for You

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