Producing Excellence in Retail!

How We Work

Project Management

  • Experienced POS Industry Project Managers.
  • Operating a systematic lead management approach to all projects.
  • Real-time systems allow for day to day engagement and complete customer project visibility and tracking from creative design through to in- store installation.
  • A Unified Solution approach from start to finish!

Why Use Impulse POP for Your POS Solutions?

We believe that there are at least 4 good reasons why using Impulse POP is a good choice for making your brands stand out in-store!

… steps to producing excellence in retail…

Creative Design

  • The full creative package with cost-consciousness at the fore!
  • Highly trained and experienced POS Industry Designers.
  • 3D Studio Max for visualization of all design ideas.
  • Artworking to client requirements as needed.
  • The goal is to produce excellence in retail every time!

Prototyping and Engineering

  • We understand how to take Creative Design ideas through to the end product.
  • Our Engineers work with 3D Solidworks to draw up the required CAD and DXF files.
  • Our industry experienced CAD development engineers work closely and seamlessly with our manufacturing team.
  • Proximity of engineering and manufacturing staff in the same facility at our UK plant makes for quick, reliable decision making on all projects!


  • Our facilities include CNC Metal, Acrylic and Print Fabrication.
  • Latest technology-led laser machines produce outstanding quality and flexibility of design.
  • We re-invest constantly in new and more efficient equipment.
  • CNC controlled machinery offers exact tolerances.
  • We apply print beautifully.
  • We wire in lighting safely.
  • We package and protect thoughtfully.
  • We provide final palletising, always sympathetic to specific brand owner and retail stores compliance.
  • We train consistently!
  • We operate our assembly and build process in a connected, clean, efficient 10,000 sq ft factory based in Sandy in the UK.

Delivery and Installation

  • We have a team experienced in all aspects of POS delivery and installation requirements which include, qualified drivers, electricians, joiners, merchandisers and fitters.
  • Situated centrally on the A1, Impulse enjoys a fantastic distribution network location.
  • Roll- out scale and timings vary and for this reason Impulse offers complete storage facilities with racking and container storage available for all clients.
  • We deliver either directly through our own vehicles or when required via contracted overnight parcel / pallet delivery companies.

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