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There is no point in hiding the fact that my industry and business has been propped up by the shift to Sanitiser products since March.

Brands and Retailers are reviewing all promotional activity, and the lockdown which forced a greater move to online shopping, is now a focus for most advertising spend.

Retailers are cutting costs, attempting to sell off old stock – and really not doing much to attract footfall in stores.

So what happens now?

This is a time of opportunity – where innovation and agility will be our way to survive. Coaxing people back to the high street is going to be more difficult now, so it becomes even more important to be creating the right experience for the consumer.

At Impulse, we are taking this opportunity to develop new ideas to engage, and disrupt the “old normal”.

We realise our strengths in this situation, as problem solvers, and finding solutions to turn an idea to a physical tool in store.

We’ve built our business on this basis, our clients come back to us because we know which are the best materials to use, and will work cost-effectively to ensure no wastage in time or budget is incurred.

What we are excited about is how this crisis has pushed culturely our society through the next digital phase. We’re not scared of ordering online, and with improved services, can order with the confidence we can send back or exchange easily now.

Where Impulse is crucial to your process is how we are that conduit between the “imagined idea” to the real experience in store.

Interactivity has a different meaning – and there is a much greater honesty with brands now, which means we need to project the right image in store.

Girl shopping

For example, perception is so important. If you spend the lowest possible price on, say, temporary POS (cardboard, low cost foamex), then that’s the image you are portraying.

People’s purchases are more considered now. If someone is actually standing in front of your free-standing display, then maximise the impact with a well built, intelligent unit.

It’s much harder to get someone in a store, so keep their attention and make the experience pleasurable.

  • Inspire interaction, either through digital or physical engagement via the product.
  • Tie in the process of buying with a pleasurable experience (see this blog for more info).
  • Offer flexible returns.
  • “Try out” in store.
  • Maximise your ethical policy.
  • Demonstrate your brand’s environmental consideration.

Ultimately, society is wanting to prove how much we care – the “be nice” mantra is probably the most important consideration, which needs to permeate through your brand and how it is promoted.

Survival is all about adapting and being agile – Retail has changed, and it certainly is not dead, just needs looking at differently.

Agile development

We’ll keep reporting back as we discover new ideas, and explore the “new way of working” which does not just mean working from home.

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