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A Levitation Module for

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Designed and produced by Impulse POP in August 2017 for distribution to all major UK Spas and Salons

Beautiful Skin Starts From Within: The skincare product is a food supplement for your skin.  A powerful combination of five super supplements providing nutrients to help support beautiful hair and skin from within.

Impulse POP have been working with IIAA on their Point of sale display programmes for some years and being challenged to come up with new, innovative POS ideas for the various product ranges is an important reason as to why the two companies continue to work together so successfully.

To develop a POS unit as innovating and exciting as a levitation module display for skincare products was the type of challenge that Impulse POP loves!

With lots of creative thinking, the result was a clever design solution where the product pack appears to be floating!- creating an attractive and engaging image to attract  the customer.

The skincare packaging has been re-designed with a contemporary, clean feel and the new display has been designed to reflect these new product pack designs.

The floating, weightless approach gives a new dimension to displaying the product which is not only suspended but also slowly rotates for maximum effect!

The display consists of 2 elements; a base module and a carrier.

The base module pillar is made of mdf and card and contains the technology and mains power. The carrier is the magnetically managed floating part of the unit.


Travel Tin Dispenser for:

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These metal gravity feed dispensers were designed and produced in August 2017 for distribution to all major UK Spas and Salons.

Designed for use at work stations and reception areas of the Spas and Salons, the simple gravity feed system allows easy access to the product. With an updatable side panel in card attached to each display for product information, the sales process is straightforward for Salon staff and Customers alike.

Advanced Nutrition Programme Travel Tin Dispenser Advanced Nutrition Programme Travel Tin Dispenser