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Impulse win GORE-TEX contract. Well, this is my first blog and I thought what better time to start than when we have just secured an order to promote the new GORE-TEX Active-Shell Clothing Range.

It has been an extremely interesting project for Impulse. We were asked to create a shop floor display which would demonstrate what GORE-TEX stand for as a company – the highest quality and revolutionary ideas. We submitted several designs, along with a number of competitors. GORE-TEX chose Impulse as their preferred supplier. We were told that out of the four companies that submitted designs, we understood GORE-TEX and achieved the task of relaying their message through our design most effectively.

It has been a long and exciting journey, and Impulse is proud to be working with GORE-TEX on this new campaign. This is an? all? encompassing? the project which leads us from a competitive visualization pitch to development and prototyping. This project also incorporates a variety of materials from Timber, Metal, Print and Acrylic, to LED Lighting, a Full Sized Mannequin, an Interactive Screen and even Gravel!!

We?ve developed the prototype, the order for further units has been confirmed and we will be starting the installation into high-status stores in September. Impulse has been chosen by GORE-TEX to carry out all aspects of this project, from design to manufacture, following on with installation and ongoing maintenance. I would call this a great achievement for Impulse, and as the Account Handler, am excited to be working with GORE-TEX further.

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