Industry: DIY & Gardening


Added Value Paint Gondolas Bays

Product Overview We had to ensure this broad and complex range was given the right exposure, so we made like minded communication, signposting and incorporated a range of unique selling points to achieve the best possible impact in-store. Simple, effective installation A major concern was making sure these could fit four different formats of racking …

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B&Q Paint mixing station tint display

Paint Mixing Station

Product Overview Here, the Impulse team were required to design and build a production orientated tint display for the B&Q UK market. The ultimate aim was to roll these out to the B&Q state. Bespoke gondola displays During the creation of these displays, we developed a colour chip plastic injection moulded pocket. We also incorporated …

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Corten decorative fence

Laser Cutting & Fabrication

Product Overview So, what is Corten steel? Corten, a material originally developed in the 1930’s by the United States Steel Corporation, was once primarily used for railway coal wagons. This new material was in high demand thanks to its  inherent toughness and ability to withstand weather conditions, which are possible due to the controlled corrosion …

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Kent & Stowe Lawncare FSDU

Lawncare Freestanding Display

Product Overview Another part of the spring 2018 launch for Kent & Stowe was brought to life with these free standing displays. This was a simple concept which allowed the products to stand upright, making them easily accessible to interested customers. For generations, Kent & Stowe have been one the of the big players in …

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Velcro secondary site gondola clipstrip2

Fix-PRO and HANGables Clipstrips

Product Overview On Shelf Clip-Strips What a brilliant and innovative solution to a glue-free environment where mess and poor adhesion is a thing of the past! – Impulse POP has just completed some new on shelf clip – strip POS items for the Velcro brand. Not Grippy Grass. Not Rootubapow. Always Hook & Loop. The …

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STV pest control Defender display

Pest Control FSDU

Product Overview All STV pest control products displayed on an fsdu produced by impulsepop for the garden retail stores. Products to protect and defend inside your home and garden. The fsdu is a metal structure with cardboard graphics including an interactive screen. Pest Control Hub STV have produced a wide range of pest control systems …

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Sugru secondary site gondola parasite photo2

Secondary Merchandising Display

Product Overview Impulse designed a Sugru Gondola Add-On Display to fit onto existing gondolas. The display was made from printed PETG which shrouds a metal carcass, the advantage of the flexibile PETG material means the substrate is forgiving when knocked into. Not only is it less likely to be a health and safety problem, it …

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tools of the trade double sided spinner

Double Sided Spinner

Product Overview We made this double sided spinner for Tools of the Trade, a company which distributes thousands of products to the UK builders market. The design is simple and promotes the products along with key branding and colours. Maximum product exposure The challenge was to design and develop a bespoke POS freestanding display capable …

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Ragni tool counter top

Counter Top Display

Product Overview Here, we made counter displays for RAGNI, helping to showcase their high quality range of trowels from Italy. These were distributed in major builders merchants provided by Tools of the Trade. Colourful and attractive Robust, practical and durable are the key words associated with the product, and therefore, needed to be reflected within …

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WD40 10ft Inflatable Display

2M Inflatable Promotion Display

Product Overview What better way to grab people’s attention than a giant inflatable WD40 can! It’s presence in-store is certain to cause a stir, giving this brand perfect brand exposure. The product tells you everything, so why not make this the display! We won’t turn any opportunity away! We never turn down opportunities, even when …

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Colour Wall Bay and FSDU

Product Overview Impulse made 750 of these eye-catching, colourful displays. These were distributed to major DIY superstores and independents across the UK, offering this well-known brand prominent exposure in a number of outlets. Easy communication in store Dulux is a major brand, so we made sure their displays had a premium feel with easy communication …

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Motorscrubber industrial cleaner fsdu

Industrial Cleaner FSDU

Product Overview Motorscrubber Clean may just be the best cordless cleaning machine on the market and for a product with a reputation that good, it was important to develop a fsdu to match! The MS2000 is where industrial cleaning meets portable cleaning, small machine – big power! Powerful Displays With a magnetic back graphic on …

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