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Laura Whitmore Activewear FSDU

Laura Whitmore Activewear FSDU

Product Overview This FSDU markets Laura Whitmore, and her exclusive Dare2b capsule collection. Products range from innovative activewear, technical sports bras, statement leggings, vests and jackets. These must have pieces were displayed within a simple yet captivating FSDU for enhanced customer engagement. Celebrity endorsement is centre stage Having a well-known celebrity endorse these products meant …

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Gore-tex active shell design FSDU

Active Shell Design FSDU

Product Overview These Gore-Tex shell displays were distributed to all premium outside stores across the UK. Our team was involved with the design concept, prototyping, final manufacture and delivery of the concept. Modern displays for innovative technology A prominent feature behind the display was LED lighting and full sized mannequin. This created a purposeful presence …

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Modular Sports Apparel Gondola

Product Overview As part of Dare2b’s larger display programme, the modular gondola was designed to house most apparel for Dare2b, with the metal hanging rail for shorter garments and the white metal table top for folded items. Customisable Clothing Display The whole display was designed to be customisable, where the white metal table top can …

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Continental wall product dispenser

Branded Product Dispensers

Product Overview A space efficient branded product dispenser. The perfect way of merchandising boxed product. Wall mounted or counter standing for flexibility. The Future In Motion The future in motion, the most space efficient and effective way to dispense boxed products, easy to restock and see when a product is running low. The ideal way …

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D3O Impact Additives FSDU3

Impact Additives FSDU

Product Overview A freestanding display was made to reflect the modern, dynamic approach this brand wanted for their product. Based in-store, the FSDU promoted D3O’s protection additives which can be incorporated into outdoor clothing. An engaging, 360 display Updatable Magnetic Graphic Facility The final solution was a metal frame FSDU, with an updatable magnetic graphic …

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Dare2b Baselayer sports display

Baselayer Sports Display

Product Overview Impulse were asked to create a free standing display for the baselayers Dare2b manufactured for winter sports. Using a simple and effective design, we allowed the products do the talking! This allowed for a contemporary finish, helping customers navigate the range without distraction. Enhanced Design for Guaranteed Results The display was made flat …

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Dare2b Baselayer modular gondola3

Baselayer Apparel Gondola

Product Overview This Baselayer gondola was included in the 2019 generation of displays. As part of a larger POS program, our team displayed immense performance levels in order to design and manufacture these displays for transportation across a number of retail outlets. Simple and Clear A clear and easy to navigate display was created, promoting …

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Hanging Brand Hex Mesh Signage

Product Overview Branding was key for this hanging display. We therefore subtly incorporated the Dare2b logo into the mesh found around the main layout. The presence of this high above the ground made navigation to their products a simple process. Subtle and effective branding awareness Grabbing hold of the customer’s attention is the main objective, …

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Dare2b mannequin plinth2

Plinth Set Mannequin Clothing

Product Overview The plinths used for this display allowed Dare2b to promote their range by clearly demonstrating how they looked when worn. Their logo was also subtly incorporated into each side, making sure customers associated their brand with the quality products on show. Simplicity is key for branding The display is simple, and that’s because …

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JM Star clothing FSDU

Winter Sports Metal Stand

Product Overview This metal stand needed to reflect the collaboration formed between Dare2b and luxury fashion house, Julien MacDonald. Consequently, our plans were formulated in accordance with the designer’s opulent style and streetwear attitude. World-renowned endorsements Dare2b are well accustomed to celebrity endorsement, with this particular display being handed approval by the likes of Hailey …

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Concrete footwear trainer Podium3

FSDU Concrete Podium

Product Overview Back in 2018, Impulse designed and produced these concrete styled footwear podium units for Dare2b. This freestanding concept was made from a combination of metal brackets and an MDF printed body. Little is more. This sleek appearance was the perfect way to maximise the contemporary vibes associated with the product on display. Using …

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Dare2b Ski headware DS FSDU1

SKI Headware FSDU

Product Overview Another example of the 2019 generation displays was this FSDU made for Dare2b. Here, we displayed their range of ski wear, making sure their branding was subtly included within the overall design. Using subtly to create impact This appearance demonstrates how the simplicity of the Dare2b branding can create a more sleek and …

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