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Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers who have dedicated amounts of social following. Influencer marketing works because of the high amount of trust that the influencer has built up with their following particularly on platforms like Instagram. Brands will use the ‘influencer marketing’ technique to give themselves greater exposure. False advertising can occur through social media and we as consumers are affected by this. We tend to look at the advertised post and it makes us want to buy the product or services, because we look up to that influencer and want to have what they have too.

There are two most common hashtags that are used on Influencer’s posts:

  1. #AD – means it is an Advertised post. This is used on posts to make sure that their followers are aware they are being paid or given something of value to promote the product.
Instagram ad

2. #SPON – means it is a Sponsored post. This is used when the influencer or celebrity retains full editorial control of the post but is sponsored by the brand.

Instagram sponsored image

Celebrity endorsement is another form of advertising campaign or marketing strategy used by brands to help promote a certain product or service for greater exposure and sales. Whether it’s an advertisement on television, or on social media, using a famous face grabs people’s attention and makes us want to buy the products because of who they are. 

Aveeno ad

For example:

Actress – Jenifer Aniston advertises for skincare brand Aveeno, and is now their brand ambassador!

Aveeno logo

Pepsi have many celebrity endorsers to serve, in a way, as the “face” of their company. When we see a celebrity endorsing a product, we begin to associate that celebrity with the product.

Pepsi logo
Pepsi ad

For example:

Throughout the years they have used celebrities such as: David Beckham, singer Beyoncé, actress Sofia Vergara, singer/rapper Cardi B and many more!


Nespresso – George Clooney is known for being the ‘face’ of the Nespresso adverts on our television screens.

Nespresso logo
Nespresso ad

We spotted this Nespresso store, located in London Bridge Station, attracting new client sign-ups over a free cup of coffee.

Nespresso shop
Nespresso Display

At Impulse we have recently produced Counter Top Displays for their Vertu machines! 


We have also produced FSDU’S with interactive screen for SIXPAD, who used the world’s No. 1 football player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Six pad logo

Six pad ad
Six pad ad
Six pad ad

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