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Everyone strives for the “perfect” brief, but due to the nature of our industry, things change, and the knock on effect means we are constantly flexing to the needs of the brand / client.
We are taking briefs daily, and have found a format that works for us in our client meetings, whether its the first meeting, or the hundredth. Over the coming months we will share our thoughts with you, starting at the beginning, the Design Brief.

The best and most productive briefings involve key stakeholders, and good quality bean to cup coffee (!) The format I like is that of Q&A, which usually promotes a larger conversation, demonstrating why Impulse is the chosen partner.

Discuss the product

• Size, weight
• Is the display to be merchandised with more than one of each product, or showcasing one of each variation only?
• Is there a theft risk of the product, does it need tethering or locking away?
• Preferred shopping method, hooks or shelves?
• Is there a seasonal aspect to the product – will graphics need changing on a regular basis?

What does the display need to do?

• Is there an interactive need? Screens,digital etc
• How disruptive does it need to be?
• What call to actions (CTA’s) are required
• Complexity of product, how informative the display needs to be
• How to be sympathetic to the brands tone of voice
• Life expectation in store

What is the marketing budget available to spend on the unit, and on the design stage?


• Product layout and loading
• Number of SKU’s
• Any preferred materials? This is dependent also on the life expectancy, whether temporary or permanent.
• Is there a preference to unit being shopped from 1 or many sides?
• Does the unit need to rotate?
• Is the unit to be mobile or fixed

Brand Guidelines

• Is there a style guide explaining use of logo, colour pallete etc
• What are the rules around keeping the brand message consistent
• Target buyer persona, demographic
• What is the Important messaging

Target Retailers

• Different retailers work to different rule books on size and spec allowed in store.
• Delivery logistics can have an effect on the design also.

Link consideration

• Consideration for links to other channels, i.e social / media ads / QR / NFC links to website.

And lastly…

Timescale for first returns

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