Producing Excellence in Retail!

Innovation in Retail – Making POP Add Value in Retail. As this proves to be one of the most challenging periods for Retailers, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to produce innovative solutions for brands.

Q2 has been our busied ever for Development and Prototyping. As Brands are pushing to gain attention in-store, we have found Lighting to have been a recurring innovative solution.

During 2011 we introduced LED options on the Rent It Here” unit (see it also HERE.) which proved extremely successful in getting the brand messaging across. This year we recently introduced Pulsing Lights, which are an inexpensive method of getting a degree of animation to a display.

The products we have been displaying are Heated Clothing ( unit pulses to demonstrate heat )and also behind branding on another product to attract attention. We will publish further images of the units in store once we have permission. What we find so interesting about the POP industry is that we are forced to Innovate.

There are too many Businesses relying on old technology and old ideas – and this is not the time to stand still. We are exhibiting at the In-Store Show next week, and i hope that we will be met by exciting new ideas. One I know will be shown is the alternative to QR which is AR – adding 3D and countless new visualisation opportunities.

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