InTheStyle – From bedroom to multi-million pound investment

Adam Frisby from Great Yarmouth, had no previous experience in starting or running a business. But this soon changed 7 years ago when he became the founder and CEO of his online fashion brand, InTheStyle.

Let us share some background research that I have found out about his amazing accomplishment…

inthestyle founder

From his bedroom In August 2013, Adam came up with the idea to visit wholesalers and asked a friend to build him a website from “a couple of hundred quid”. He used his £1,000 redundancy pay out to fund his website and then used the rest to buy his six dresses from a wholesaler, to which he put up for sale online. Once they were sold, he bought six more and continued in this way – packaging the dresses in his bedroom and taking them down to the local Post Office. He’d use his friends to model the dresses and gave out flyers, set up social media accounts advertising the website and gave away dresses to minor celebrities as competition prizes in a bid to raise his brand’s profile

inthestyle founder

Now, InTheStyle has rapidly grown into one of the UK’s leading e-commerce women’s fashion brand.

And what started in Frisby’s bedroom… you will now find his headquarters in Manchester’s fashion district, Salford. Where he has grown into a multi-million pound company with his team.

inthestyle founder
inthestyle founder

Adam had the idea to build a fashion brand that tapped into the growing celebrity and social media culture, especially involving fierce, empowering female celebrities. With that being said, his idea then became reality…

InTheStyle have created unique collections with TV personalities including Charlotte Crosby, Billie Fairs, Dani Dyer, and Emily Attack. As well as American pop singer Pia Mia and introducing the OGs of Instagram into the mix. All of their collaborations have been hugely successful and recognised as the most exclusive ranges within the fashion world. InTheStyle aim to redefine ‘fast fashion’ by empowering women to feel amazing about themselves and so they channel this in everything they do!

inthestyle logos

Beyond just a regular fashion brand, InTheStyle has a strong ethos to empower women with its own take on fierce femininity. Ensuring its collections offer an inclusive selection for women of all shapes, sizes and styles.

in the style fashion shoot
fashion shoot
breaking fashion

In 2019, his successful brand landed its own temporary television series on BBC iPlayer, called ‘Breaking Fashion’. The show allows viewers to see behind the scenes of how he runs his multi-million business day in – day out.

Despite being a multimillion pound company, InTheStyle are committed to join the revolution that is sustainable fashion. And they’re challenging themselves and their consumers, to love our planet. They don’t see it as a trend, InTheStyle are serious about being kind to our environment and ensuring their carbon footprint is green and their waste contribution is minimal.

With their clothes on their way to being sustainable, InTheStyle persuade their consumers to download an app Called ‘reGAIN’. The app allows people to get rid of their unwanted clothes, shoes or accessories. People who use the app can ship their unwanted clothing to reGAIN from various drop off points across the UK for free. The app offers users discounts or coupon codes off many retailers once their unwanted clothing etc. have been shipped.

It's sustainable slogan
regain app

We at Impulse think this is great way of helping clothes be more sustainable in the future! It really does show that being a small company or starting from nowhere, you can expand into something huge!


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